A Memetic Post-Mortem

What's Next?

A Memetic Post-Mortem

Entangle acknowledges that we spent a lot of time, effort and energy building $GORPLES (formerly BORPA) for a number of reasons all with the aim of benefiting the NGL Token, our community, investors and most importantly to bring home a diverse group of individuals to interact with our technology, join our community and set a new standard for what we believe, and rightfully so, is the leading asset class of this cycle. 

The primary reason why we helped build, support and incubate the entire project was to demonstrate the capabilities of our omnichain technology, showcasing how customised protocols such as GORPLES could be built atop Photon Messaging and allowing native tokens to be traded and transferred across different virtual machines.

Secondly, it was to demonstrate the teams technical prowess in leveraging and building on the foundations laid in a blend of  DeFi/GameFi constructs we have seen previously such as Dash & Pivx forks (2017), meme food & BSC farming season projects (2020), Play to Earn and GameFi and various OlympusDAO forks, to deliver a new mechanism of fair distribution combined with skin in the game for memecoins. Taking concepts previously built in an open sourced Web3 world, we  blended them in a way that has never been seen before. What was new though was that our team was able to execute this almost rocket science equivalent task concurrently across EVM and Non-EVM systems 

We said time and time again, Entangle paused the onboarding of a number of B2B Omnichain prospective partners, due to us wanting to showcase the tech, drive volume and participation on our blockchain and infrastructure whilst setting a new industry standard in how to deliver an attention backed asset fairly to the market. The plan remains that as users  progress through the liquidity mining and distribution over 112 days (the Gorples Games), they will get acquainted with, and hopefully enjoy using the underlying Entangle technology. While the Games are ongoing, work will continue to finalise our Lazy Messaging and Entangle Fungible Token Standard, and add many up and coming blockchains. Our cooks continue to cook, worry not! 

Despite the turbulence and once again unforeseen erratic events that occurred over the last week,  Gorples (formally Borpa) demonstrated huge volume activity within a short time span. More than 13600 transactions (1 transfer = 2 messages)  were processed across EVM/NON-EVM chains. Had the last couple of weeks  gone to plan, we envisaged millions of transactions across our infrastructure. Despite these setbacks, we continue in our mission to support any project or community initiative attempting to build truly globalised web3 assets across all blockchains. 

(Graph visualises spike transactions from Gorples, formally Borpa)

The sole intention was that as users came in from diverse communities, the lazy messaging technology was being refined in the background, allowing anyone to only need a day and a few lines of code to deploy native omnichain assets across any blockchain of their choice. This would have removed the necessity to fork the GORPLES or NGL smart contracts and perform relevant modifications to deploy. During the time we took to build, test and deliver these new bolt ons to the tech, the market could enjoy the Entangle Infrastructure in a fun and friendly way. 

Additionally, our tech allows for deflationary or other types of novel mechanics to be assigned to your newly created omnichain token. Coupled with universal data feeds, partners will not only have omnichain deployments made easy but will also have the tools at their disposal to create novel omnichain primitives. Despite all this, we have great news. The plan lives on and we will continue in our endeavours to deliver efficient user and developer omnichain experiences. 

We would like to reiterate that currently any partner can deploy an omnichain token as showcased on Photon Messaging and we are excited at the current interest levels as we stand. Setting the stage for the roll-out of the lazy messaging protocol, we will soon announce the release of Universal Data Feeds (UDF). UDF allows for any data type from any source including Web2 to be delivered to smart contracts across any chain, opening up a number of opportunities including RWA, interoperable applications and much more. 

On this occasion, we would like to confirm that Gorples is now a true web3 wide community project where contributors, artists, content creators and technologists are welcome to grow and help the project in a collaborative way. From the Entangle perspective, we support these initiatives where they align with the original objectives as stated above, and will provide support where relevant to ensure all omnichain projects wishing to deploy on our infrastructure thrive. 

We look forward to continuing to build an interoperable world and making omnichain easy. Stay tuned for the latest updates.