Biweekly Blog #4

Biweekly Blog #4

Feels like yesterday when we wrote our last biweekly update 🌬️

It’s all hands on deck as we have some massive updates coming this week!

Our biweekly blog will be recurring, so if you don’t have the time to be glued to your screen, these updates are for you.

Let’s see what the last fortnight has consisted of 👇


  • Design of V2 UI/UX complete
  • Frontend of V2 UI/UX complete
  • New Verification system integrated
  • V2 Testnet internal final testing
  • Blockchain software update - and is fully up and running!
  • Internal Audit - and debug of all smart contracts
  • Fixed Event C Bugs
  • Documentation of Oracle Solution for external Protocols
  • Start working on TWAPs


SparrowSwap spaces:  

LSDfi thread by Tindor:

Discord Post Mortem:

Founders at Blockchance:

Integration of Scroll:

Entangle Elite:

Testnet V1 closes (plus V2 teaser):

Spaces with BecauseBitcoin and Benjamin Cowen:

Partnership with Wombat Exchange:

Testnet V1 lifetime statistics:

Entangle Elite starting soon:


We recently experienced an incident with our Discord being compromised for a short period of time. Our security operations team quickly implemented procedures to remove the attackers and restore our Discord to its normal status.

The current incident is under investigation, and we're planning a resolution to compensate members in some way who’ve lost funds. We will provide further updates on this matter in the near future.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Entangle Elite program. This is a new system designed to reward our most dedicated members. Every season (fortnight), there will be new tasks and opportunities for teams to earn points and win fantastic prizes.

This program will serve as the foundation for Entangle’s growth and will become a hub for our community to connect and compete.

Will you be the winner of the first ever season of Entangle Elite?