Biweekly Update #12

Biweekly Update #12

The sun has risen for another Biweekly Update.

Here’s what it’s consisted of πŸ‘‡

Development πŸ‘·


Ongoing technical documentation update


Fixed all issues related to Validators. All 100 Validators are back ONLINE with the help of our dear community.

Liquid Vaults

Development of V3 Pools started.


  • The full deployment on MultiVersX is almost finalized with a scheduled release next week.
  • AshSwap successfully integrated into Liquid Vaults.


Integration is in process with Velocore for Liquid Vaults.

Price Oracles: 

Most price-feeds of Liquid Vaults are ready with a targeted deployment next week!


Several social campaign platforms have been integrated. Stay tuned for announcements coming soon!

Blockchain stats:

  • Number of transactions: 27500+
  • Number of blocks: 278000+
  • Block lag time: 3 sec

Marketing πŸ“Š

Deep dive by Mars DeFi: 

Oracle Customizability: 

The State of LSDfi spaces with The Rollup:

Our founder Faisal Mehrban speaking at Multiverse xDay:

Bridging the gap between Web2 & Web3: 

Eliminating uncertainty for dApps and users with Oracle transparency:

Meet the ambassador Salazar:

Oracle deep dive by Andrew Moh:

One of the kind infrastructure:

Enabling mass adoption with transparent Oracles by MTS:

Preventing Oracle exploits in real time with transparent price feeds:

A new standard in Oracle transparency by Golden Degen:

Faisal explain the possibilities of our Oracle:

Community πŸ«‚

Oracle Customizability AMA: 

Validators going strong: 

Oracle Transparency AMA: