Biweekly Update #12

Biweekly Update #12

The sun has risen for another Biweekly Update.

Here’s what it’s consisted of 👇

Development 👷


Ongoing technical documentation update


Fixed all issues related to Validators. All 100 Validators are back ONLINE with the help of our dear community.

Liquid Vaults

Development of V3 Pools started.


  • The full deployment on MultiVersX is almost finalized with a scheduled release next week.
  • AshSwap successfully integrated into Liquid Vaults.


Integration is in process with Velocore for Liquid Vaults.

Price Oracles: 

Most price-feeds of Liquid Vaults are ready with a targeted deployment next week!


Several social campaign platforms have been integrated. Stay tuned for announcements coming soon!

Blockchain stats:

  • Number of transactions: 27500+
  • Number of blocks: 278000+
  • Block lag time: 3 sec

Marketing 📊

Deep dive by Mars DeFi: 

Oracle Customizability: 

The State of LSDfi spaces with The Rollup:

Our founder Faisal Mehrban speaking at Multiverse xDay:

Bridging the gap between Web2 & Web3: 

Eliminating uncertainty for dApps and users with Oracle transparency:

Meet the ambassador Salazar:

Oracle deep dive by Andrew Moh:

One of the kind infrastructure:

Enabling mass adoption with transparent Oracles by MTS:

Preventing Oracle exploits in real time with transparent price feeds:

A new standard in Oracle transparency by Golden Degen:

Faisal explain the possibilities of our Oracle:

Community 🫂

Oracle Customizability AMA: 

Validators going strong: 

Oracle Transparency AMA: