Biweekly Update #13

Biweekly Update #13

As time races forward Entangle updates sprint alongside it 🏃

Here’s what the last fortnight has consisted of 👇

Development 👷

  • Blockchain:
    • MultiversX integration: is live! Protocols can now send cross-chain messages between MultiVersX and other EVM & Non-EVM Chains. 
    • Entangle Blockchain: Minor code-base updates 
    • Updates to Keepers: (Rust configuration)
    • Linea: Blockchain is completed, ready for release.
    • V3 Pools: Continued development and research of strategies. 
  • Frontend:
    • MSVX integration is released with MSVX wallet integrated
  • Backend:
    • Faucet for MultiversX is released
    • Galxe tasks are in progress
    • Rep3 integration awaiting release
    • Development of modules related to Keeper Staking
  • Price Oracles: are LIVE!

Blockchain stats:

  • Number of transactions: 35000+
  • Number of blocks: 514000+
  • Block lag time: 3 sec

Marketing 📊

Spaces with The Optimist:

Bringing capital efficiency on-chain through refinancing yield assets:

The magic of refinancing by Stacy Muur: 

Entangle Elite Season 7 - A New Hope: 

MultiversX integration: 

Deep dive by Aluri: 

Solving fragmented liquidity through refinancing: 

Removing the middleman for Real World Assets: 

Yield layers masterclass by DeFi Napkin: 

Validators Validation: 

New documents are live!: 

Real World Assets catalysing the next bullrun: 

The Entangle Price Oracle breakthrough: 

The Webverse - our NFT journey begins: 

Community 🫂

A fresh look with Rep3:

Real World Assets AMA: 

Real World Use Cases AMA: