Biweekly Update #14

Biweekly Update #14

Every fortnight, we tell ourselves that the updates can't possibly get any bigger, and once again, we were wrong.

Here’s what we’ve been up to 👇

Development 👷


  • Price-Feeds: Hybrid TWAP/VWAP is ready to be deployed.
  • Liquid Vaults V3 Pools: Research finalized and initial build of strategies in progress,
  • Oracle: Non-EVM Transmitters based on Rust language are COMPLETED


Linea: Integration to official testnets is completed - to be released on Tuesday.

  • Cross-Chain Messaging
  • Liquid Vaults: PancakeSwap is integrated with the pool WETH&USDC

Arbitrum Goerli (Official Testnet):

  • Photon Messaging Layer is live

BNB Chapel (Official Testnet)

  • Photon Messaging Layer is live


  • New Landing page is released!
  • Updates Testnet page of Liquid Vaults
  • Linea integration


  • Further development on $NGL Staking for Transmitters
  • Discord bot is fixed

Second dApp of Entangle:

….Testing in progress…..

Blockchain stats:

  • Number of transactions: 70000+
  • Number of blocks: 800000+
  • Block lag time: 3 sec

Marketing 📊

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Community 🫂

Building novel solution AMA with Curvance: 

We reached 40k Discord members: