Biweekly Update #15

Biweekly Update #15

It's been an exhilarating two weeks, to say the least. 

However, the real show is set to unfold this upcoming fortnight.

Development 👷


Linea: Launched with cross-chain messaging and Price Oracle.

NGL Keeper Staking: Development and security fixes in progress.

NGL Bridge: Development started for NGL token transfer.

NGL Token: Preparing for deployment on EVM chains.

WebVerse: NFT-721A and staking contract finalized


Light theme released

Webverse website is release


    • Development on NGL staking modules for Keepers is completed
    • Faucet bot is refactored with new limits system and launched

Blockchain stats:

  • Number of transactions: 70000+
  • Number of blocks: 800000+
  • Block lag time: 3 sec

Marketing 📊

Weaver left a message for you: 

Integrating Linea: 

Connecting blockchains behind the scenes: 

Most give up hope before their chance comes: 

Tales of the Webverse - Chapter Two: 

Light mode: 

Messages received: 

It’s time to find your way home: 

Onboarding the next way of gaming: 

Entangle x GTA VI Integration: 

Webverse deep dive by Skyline: 

Webverse technical overview: 

We’ve hit a smart contract vulnerability!: 

What is the Webverse: 

Webverse website release: 

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Entangle x Zerosum: 

Community 🫂

GameFi Infrastructure AMA: 

Webverse x Huntersofweb3 AMA: