Biweekly Update #17

Biweekly Update #17

New year, new me.

It’s time for the first Biweekly Update of 2024 and there’s certainly some exciting ones to come.

Development 👷

Photon Messaging & Unified Data Streaming

Enhancements in Price Oracle integration. Mock tests completed for new architecture, with significant progress in the StreamData framework.

NGL Keeper Staking

Revisions completed and integration with oracles underway.


Successfully integrated OKX x1 and Telos testnets with CCM. Progressing with Metis.

Liquid Vaults

Smart-contracts prepared for mainnet deployment across various platforms, including PancakeSwap - Linea, Velocore - Linea, and Mantle - FusionX.

DEX Integrations

OKX x1 testnet integration with DODOexchange in process.


Successfully launched, NFT’s can be unstakaked and live on several market places.

Frontend & Backend Updates

Ongoing optimization for Webverse, minor updates for Liquid Vaults. Backend parsing and updates in progress for mainnet launch.

Leverage Yield Farming Protocol

Improved LSD2LP price calculation and integration with FusionX in LYF.

Marketing 📊

War Campaign:

Next-Gen Data Infrastructure by Stacy Muur:

Infrastructure Deep Dive by Ed:

Sei Launch Partner:

Bringing Real World Assets to the Blockchain (tRWAs):

Entangle 2024:

Entangle’s IDO Access Comparison:

Kai’s Ledger was Solved:

Entangle Integrates X1 Network:

RWA Infrastructure by Hayles:

The New Kid on the Block by Splin:

Webverse Sells Out in Under One Hour:

Solving Liquidity Fragmentation by Haotian:

Community 🫂

Webverse Mint Party:

Webverse Thread Wars Competition:

Webverse Design Wars Competition: