Biweekly Update #18

Find out what Entangle accomplished between January 7 and January 21, 2024

Biweekly Update #18

There's something in the air, and we suspect it might be the Entangle virus. 

It's been a thrilling two weeks and the following fortnight is rumoured to be even more exciting.

Development 👷

Unified data streaming (including Price Oracles):

Deployed Aggregation Spotter v4 contracts

Developed stream-data backend

Updated runtime publication

Fixed tests for UDS

Updated structures and config generation of the backend service

IDO Contract:

  • Started the development of IDO contracts for NFT holders

Cross-Chain Messaging:

  • Started the base development for Solana integration

Liquid Vaults:

  • Preparing LSD github repo for audits
  • Audit in progress

DEX Integrations:

  • OKX x1 testnet - DODOexchange integrations is ready on blockchain side
  • Telos - LV integration with SwapSicle initiated

Redacted Token Incubation:

  • Started the development Omni chain financial game development with Entangle partner


  • Guided testnet flow for v4 testnet released


  • Keepers code updating for the mainnet and new logics in progress
  • Faucet for the guided testnet flow released

Leverage yield farming protocol:

  • Completed the Solidity part for swaps through aggregators
  • Integrated the new Foundry test framework
  • In the process of writing deployment scripts.


  • 95% of NGL infrastructure has been transmitted to Google Cloud (from Amazon)
  • New security measures 

Marketing 📊

Summit of Success: 

Entangle Investment Round : 

Webverse Post-Mint Announcement:

Entangle’s Universal Data Feeds:

Telos Partnership Announcement:

Re-imagining LSDfi:

Webverse World Map:

Customizable On-Chain Data:

Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTfi):

Webverse Snapshot Teaser:

Entangle Ecosystem:

Community 🫂

Webverse Launch AMA: 

Webverse “What’s Next”: 

Webverse Opensea Pro: