Biweekly Update #19

Find out what Entangle accomplished between January 21 and February 4, 2024

Biweekly Update #19

Another fortnight flies by.

Make sure to keep your eye on the prize.

Development 👷

Universal Data Streaming

Photon Messaging & Unified Data Streaming: Finalized contracts, focusing on enhancing Liquid Vaults price feeds.

Cross-Chain Messaging: Advanced integration efforts with Solana, coupled with the initiation of Omnichain game development with Borpa.

Contract Migration & Optimization: Successfully migrated and optimized Aggregation Spotter and Goernance logic for Solana, developed comprehensive testing strategies, and initiated the implementation of a digital signature verification mechanism.

Liquid Vaults & IDO Platform

Liquid Vaults & Audit Fixes: Made significant progress in addressing audit recommendations for Liquid Vaults, pushing forward DEX integrations and testnet transitions.

Cross-Chain Messaging & Integration

Solana Integration: Completed the integration of Solana into our Cross-Chain Messaging framework.

Curvance Integration on Ethereum Sepolia: Progressed with integrating Curvance on Ethereum's Sepolia testnet, expanding our Ethereum-based offerings.

IDO Platform Development

Audit Fixes & Contract Additions: Continued to refine our IDO platform, focusing on implementing audit fixes and extending the capabilities of IDO contracts.

Frontend & Backend Enhancements

Frontend: Released updates for the guided testnet flow for v4, made minor adjustments to the delegation page, and integrated Bitget Wallet. Began the frontend development for Borpa.

Backend & DevOps: Updated Agents code for mainnet deployment, enhanced testnet flow through metric collection, and integrated new backend services to bolster our infrastructure and operational efficiency.

Marketing 📊

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Community 🫂

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