Biweekly Update #20

Biweekly Update #20

Recap of what Entangle accomplished between February 4 and February 18, 2024.

 Development 👷

Cross-Chain Messaging: 

Pre-mainnet Cross Chain Messaging testing has begun.

Fixed MultiversX audit issues.

IDO Contract: 

Fixed audit issues.

Launched and executed all rounds on mainnet.

Liquid Vaults:

Curvance integration is ready on Blockchain for Liquid Vaults, LSD Price Feeds and Liquidation Module.

Implementing audit recommendations.


Token Bridge Development is complete.


Webverse Private Sale website completed and deployed.

Public sale website development in progress.


Photon messaging layer explorer backend in progress.


Handling all new environments for new projects.

Securing IDO platform during the campaign.

Price Feeds:

LSD Price feeds are in progress.

Marketing 📊

Metis Partnership

NGL Public Sale Announcement

Timeswap Partnership

Ajna Partnership

Borpa Tokenomics: Just Make It Fair

Aleph Zero Partnership

Eesee Partnership

$NGL Private Round sold out

Borpa’s Bizarre Adventure: Episode 2

Myso Partnership

Community 🫂

Borpa AMA: Borpette, is she real?

Entangle Partner AMA: Linea

Entangle Partner AMA: Timeswap

Webverse AMA: Token Sale