Biweekly Update #23

Discover Entangle's feats between March 17 and March 31, 2024.

Biweekly Update #23

Development 👷

Dry run has initiated for the Entangle blockchain for Validators.

Photon Messaging
Cross-chain messaging testing on EVM blockchains is in progress.

Liquid Vaults
Closed Mainnet testing is in progress.
Merchant Moe is integrated with Liquid Vaults.
Metrics service for Liquid Vaults UI is in progress.

Universal Data Feeds
NGL / USD price feed is in progress.

Omnichain Token Contract is complete.
Borpa Token Sale layouts are finalized.

Entangle Blockchain Explorer is in progress.

Marketing 📊

Consensys Strategic Investment

Borpa Trailer

MultiversX Partnership

Astrizon Audit Report

Polygon Partnership

Borpa: Entangle’s Trojan Horse

Fluidity Partnership

Webverse: A New Rift

Entangle Social Experiment

A Conspiracy

Introducing Photon Messaging

Community 🫂

Partner AMA: Camelot

Partner AMA: Fluidity

Community AMA: Trillion Dollar Market

Partner AMA: Wombat Exchange

Partner AMA: Eesee