Biweekly Update #24

Discover Entangle feats between April 1st and April 15th, 2024.

Biweekly Update #24

Development 👷


  • Phase 3 of the Entangle Blockchain mainnet dry run has begun.
  • Blockchain explorer testing is in progress.
  • Delegation feature is in progress.

Photon Messaging:

  • Development and testing of Explorers' frontend and Validator’s Delegation module continue.
  • Testing on EVM blockchains complete.
  • Testing on Solana has begun.
  • Entangle Blockchain Explorer testing is in progress.
  • Agent Delegation feature is in progress.

Liquid Vaults:

  • Closed mainnet testing for Liquid Vaults.
  • Metric Service frontend integrated.Compounders for Polygon and Mantle are in progress.

Universal Data Feeds:

  • Binance and Bybit Data sources tested.


  • Integration to Solana Developer Net is in progress.List of Contracts are prepared for audit.


  • UI contract integration is ongoing.

Marketing 📊

Wombat Exchange Partnership

Consensys Strategic Investment

Entangle Social Experiment #1

Entangle Documentation Update

Borpa Private Round Closed

Entangle Mainnet Update

Borpa Whitelist Campaign

Avalanche Partnership

Community 🫂

Community AMA: The Omnichain Future

Partner AMA: Ashswap

Community AMA: Decentralized Artificial Intelligence