Biweekly Update #27

Discover the Entangle feats between May 12th and May 26th, 2024.

Biweekly Update #27

Development 👷

Photon Messaging:

  • Base Integrated with Photon Messaging.
  • BNB Integrated with Photon Messaging.
  • Solana integration testing in progress.

Liquid Vaults:

  • Polishing Liquid Vaults frontend DApp.
  • Fixing bugs for private mainnet release.

Universal Data Feeds:

  • Testing pull model module on destination chains.


  • Base integrated with e-Bridge.
  • BNB integrated with e-Bridge.
  • Solana integration testing in progress.

Entangle Hub:

  • Launched Vesting delegation for 14 new agents.
  • Minor bugs on frontend fixed.

Marketing 📊

Phantom Partnership

Aerodrome/Velodrome Partnership

Transmitter Agents Live

Points System Live

e-Bridge Base Support

e-Bridge BNB Chain Support

e-Bridge Mantle Support

Cross-Chain vs Multichain vs Omnichain

Introducing ZeroSum

Token Burn Article

Omnichain Solutions Article

Community 🫂

Partner AMA: RWA INC.

Community AMA: Q&A