Biweekly Update #28

Biweekly Update #28

Discover the Entangle feats between May 26th and June 8th, 2024.

Development 👷

Photon Messaging:
Released Solana for CCM and NGL Solana Bridge.
Audits updated for smart-contracts.
Fixing Solana Transmitters for Bridge.

Universal Data Feeds:
Testing pull model module on destination chains.

Starting the developments of UI updates for DApp.
Bug fixing process for private mainnet.
Developing Trillion Landing page.
Developing compounders for Aerodrome.

Entangle Hub
Released redesigned Bridge.
Released NGL Wrapper page.
Minor UI/UX improvements.

Marketing 📊

e-Bridge Solana Support

Borpa Airdrop Delegation

Entangle x Ethernity Partnership

Borpa Airdrop Update

Borpa Launch Roadmap

Borpa Public Sale

NGL 2nd Token Burn

Non EVM vs EVM

Community 🫂

Entangle Social Experiment 2.0

Community AMA: Borpa Launch