BiWeekly Update #3

BiWeekly Update #3

Another two weeks have flown by with awesome updates, with testnet V2 just days away, we’re excited to bring you the most important developments, marketing and community updates.

Our biweekly blog will be recurring so if you don’t have the time to be glued to your screen, these updates are for you.


Design & Frontend

New website Launch:

Design & Front-end work finished for testnet V2 - teaser will be up soon!


Expanded our team by two more developers!

Further internal reviews and audits of v2 code

Oracle scripts updated for V2

Blockchain & Oracle internal testing

Full low-level documentation update

New pools added for V2 - Thena Finance,  SpookySwap… 👀


AMA with Kava ecosystem:

Kyber Network integration:

Thread on omnichain liquidity by Hoeem:

Thread on Spotter Smart Contracts:

Partnership with SparrowSwap:  

ETH LSDs market cap:

New token name:

Aggregator Spotter Smart Contracts explanation:

Thread on Entangle unlocking $42 billion in DeFi TVL by Salazar:

Spaces with SparrowSwap:

ApeSwaps liquidity bonds:


We held our second Discord community AMA and had a blast with two special guest: Curvance and

Our Discord channel reached 20k members shortly after and we also released some teasers for what's to come in the next few weeks 🎉