Biweekly Update #7

Biweekly Update #7

No time to press the snooze button as it’s Biweekly Update time 😎

It’s another fortnight jam packed with updates that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats.

Our biweekly blog will be recurring, so if you don’t have the time to be glued to your screen, these updates are for you.

Let’s see what the last fortnight has consisted of 👇

Development 👷


  • Mantle Deployment READY! dApps will be able to test the Entangle Oracle Solution soon after deployment
  • FusionX Pools Integrated on Mantle testnet and ready for deployment!
  • Wombat Exchange integrated and ready for deployment!
  • Further optimization on the Entangle Oracle Solution
  • Progress with SEI Network integration - The Entangle Endpoint is almost ready.
  • Configuration of Cosmos Vesting Module
  • Further work on Price-Feeds: Various DEX sources integrated such as UniSwap. CEX sources coming soon!


  • Access for External Validators configured
  • Implemented minor frontend updates: FusionX, Mantle, Pool Balance anomalies and chain error messages
  • Resolved temporary tokens faucet bug
  • Documentation for deployment on entangle testnets ready

Marketing 📊

Partnership with Magma Finance:

What makes the Entangle Oracle Solution special:

Resolving liquidity across every layer:

Ecosystem Highlight: Scroll Edition

Sei launches Mainnet:

Partnership with Lendle:

Ecosystem Highlight: Mantle Edition

Community 👪

Another milestone has been unlocked by reaching 30K Discord members!

Every day we’re growing stronger with no signs of slowing down. We’re truly thankful for all the amazing support we’ve received and the family which is being built at Entangle.

Our upcoming events are going to be focused for those who are our biggest contributors with rewards to match your efforts. Be on the lookout for some exciting updates in the near future.

Speaking of events, we also have Entangle Elite Season Three kicking off as we speak. Rumor has it this will be the final season before we undergo some major changes, but don’t tell anyone.

We’ve also opened up a public Galxe campaign which is going to have some new features you’ll all enjoy.

Who’s going to climb the leaderboard and reign successful?

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