Biweekly Update #9

Biweekly Update #9

Another fortnight has flown past at the Entangle camp ✈️

Our biweekly blog will be recurring, so if you don’t have the time to be glued to your screen, these updates are for you.

Let’s see what the last fortnight has consisted of 👇

Development 👷


  • Configured GraphQL for further queries - expansion of community tasks via platforms like Galxe now possible!

Oracle Solution

  • First Non-EVM Chain Integrated finalized: SEI Network (Testnet)
  • MultiverseX: Started the integration of the 2nd non-EVM Network!
  • Keepers code optimized
  • Code updates of Entangle Endpoints
  • Further work on price-feeds for Liquid Vaults

Release: Community Validators Live

  • Snapshot reduced by 5x for faster synchronization
  • 55 Validators active!

Blockchain stats

  • Number of blocks: 4950000
  • Block lag time: 1.29 sec

Marketing 📊

Entangle sponsors Palau Summit:

Entangle partners with Camelot:

An interesting thread by DeFi Princess:

Liquid Providing Derivatives (LDPfi) alpha by Surf:

Entangle partners with Vendor Finance:

Vendor Finance goes live on Testnet:

Guide on how to test composable LP Tokens with Vendor Finance:

Testnet V3 is live:

Entangle attends Token2049:

Thread War results are revealed:

Community 🫂

Supercharging Mantle AMA with Vendor Finance and FusionX:

Entangle Elite Season 5: