Consensys Strategic Investment

Entangle is thrilled to share our strategic investment from Consensys.

Consensys Strategic Investment

Entangle is excited to announce the successful completion of a strategic investment round with Consensys, the leading software company in the blockchain and web3 space, enabling the building and advancing of web3 tooling, infrastructure and primitives.

Previous Investment Rounds were closed with the likes of Big Brain, Launch Code Capital, Seier Capital and Skynet Capital and grants from Mantle Foundation, AAVE and MetisDao. The late addition to the cap-table is a reflection of Entangle’s success and the strategic benefits of its infrastructure designed to add value to every blockchain ecosystem.

Consensys, after thorough due diligence on Entangle’s technology undertaken by their investment team, confirmed the Strategic Investment as part of the Linea Ecosystem Alliance which is backed and supported by leading VCs and technology companies including Draper Dragon, Collider, Lemniscap, Electric Capital and ParaFi. The investment will significantly contribute to advancing mutual technological capabilities, market strategy, broadening international presence, and reinforcing our role in pioneering omnichain communication and interoperable data pathways.

The team at Entangle is excited to be working closely with the innovative builders at Linea, in particular Mendi Protocol (money markets protocol) on the integration of Liquid Vaults whilst delivering products such as Photon Messaging and Universal Data Feed across the entire ecosystem. Together we are poised to scale Entangle’s infrastructure and enable the omnichain evolution of the crypto industry, while enhancing the interoperability of the Linea zkEVM blockchain whilst  opening up a number of use cases across DeFi, GameFi, AI, DePin and much more. 

This pivotal milestone underscores our dedication to leading the development of a fully customisable omnichain data infrastructure, providing universal and verifiable data to smart contracts on any connected blockchain.

Fostering Interoperability

At the core of this partnership is the integration of Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol which, with its high customizability, empowers developers to innovate and extend the current offerings on Linea, allowing connectivity to any Web3 ecosystem and omnichain asset deployment. It further allows the inclusion of dApps from other ecosystems, where instances can be set up on Linea and corresponding smart contracts automated from the Entangle Blockchain.

For Web3 to develop, interoperability is key and Photon Messaging affords developers the flexibility to craft solutions tailored to industry needs as Linea expands into areas such as RWA or liquid restaking protocols. This opens up a world of opportunities for smart contract interoperability and dApp development, fostering a more interconnected and capital efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Optimising Liquidity with Liquid Vaults

Entangle's native dApp Liquid Vaults allows the creation of Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs) from yield-bearing assets deployed within the Linea ecosystem. The Liquid Vaults native dApp is currently undergoing extensive testing with Mendi and other key premier dexes, before its full integration across the network. By enhancing the composability of yield positions with Liquid Vaults, dApps on Linea will be able to share liquidity like never before, enabling enhanced ecosystem liquidity and opening up a plethora of new use cases. 

Liquid Vaults not only streamlines the process of liquidity sharing but also increases capital efficiency for users. By way of example, liquidity providers can seamlessly convert their LP positions from any DEX into CDTs, which can then be used in other lending protocols to generate additional yield on top of their existing position and provide diverse options for yield strategies.


Entangle is the one-stop shop for any network, protocol, or asset seeking the core primitives necessary to connect to the wider blockchain ecosystem and the tools to source data from both traditional Web2 and Web3 environments. Aligning seamlessly with Consensys' vision of making web3 universally easy to use, Entangle's infrastructure can now be leveraged on Linea to simplify complex blockchain functionalities and enhance accessibility, democratizing the technological landscape and delivering a unified, customizable and efficient Web3 ecosystem. 


Entangle and Consensys are looking forward to a deep and long-term collaboration to advance Web3 infrastructure and primitives as well as expanding on the utility of yield-bearing assets and the opportunities for liquidity and data interchange throughout the blockchain world. 

Equipped with Entangle's infrastructure, Consensys and the Linea Ecosystem Alliance will have the tools at their disposal to usher in the next evolution in liquidity optimisation, interoperability across different chains and access to off-chain data, all while transcending traditional boundaries and paving the way for unprecedented innovation and collaboration with diverse Web3 communities. 

Together, we are laying the groundwork for a more interconnected, streamlined, and forward-thinking blockchain future.