DePIN: Storage

DePIN: Storage

Traditional storage systems are typically overseen by centralized corporations, that charge a premium and are often susceptible to major data exploits.

Decentralized storage networks connect those with surplus data storage with those in need of it. This creates a two-sided marketplace with more efficient pricing while being secured by blockchain-grade security.

For example, Filecoin rewards storage providers with their token $FIL, and incentivizes reliable and honest behavior by requiring storage providers to pledge tokens as collateral.

Entangling Storage

Entangle's cross-chain messaging (“Photon Messaging”) and Universal Data Feeds are key infrastructures for decentralized computing, enabling information, excess storage, and any corresponding assets to be shared in real-time across different blockchain networks.

Photon Messaging facilitates real-time data connectivity between networks, ensuring effortless data sharing and efficient resource allocation.

Simultaneously, Universal Data Feeds extract data from various Web2 data sources and Web3 networks, ensuring data authenticity and availability as needed.