Entangle Brings RWA Omnichain With Ethernity Partnership

Learn more about Entangle's partnership with Ethernity.

Entangle Brings RWA Omnichain With Ethernity Partnership

Entangle is excited to announce a strategic partnership and integration of its Photon Messaging and Data Feeds with Ethernity, the leading Web3 entertainment ecosystem. 

Ethernity is redefining the entertainment landscape by integrating blockchain technology to create a vibrant ecosystem of entertainment products. As a hub for innovative projects and collaborations with major global brands and iconic figures, Ethernity offers diverse experiences, from digital collectibles through its NFT marketplace to immersive interactive media.

Photon Messaging is a pioneer that facilitates interoperability through efficient data transmission by seamlessly connecting EVM and non-EVM blockchains. Entangle’s data feeds, on the other hand, provide real-time, accurate information crucial for the pricing and valuation of RWAs and offer up-to-date metadata for NFTs on Ethernity. This enhances trust and liquidity within its marketplace.

This integration is set to increase liquidity accessibility for users by enabling cross-chain asset transfers and the creation of synthetics against RWAs, allowing them to be utilized Omnichain.

Benefits of Integration

The collaboration between Entangle and Ethernity signifies the latter’s expansion, allowing for cross-chain asset utilization and user liquidity enhancement. It also creates real-time access to information for both. Below are the benefits for users and Ethernity at large:

For Users:

  • Enhanced Value Proposition: By facilitating safe and efficient cross-chain transfers of authenticated Real-World Assets, Ethernity strengthens its value proposition for users.
  • Expanded Market Access: The expansion of Ethernity cross-chain creates user asset diversity.
  • Price Feeds for ERN Token: Entangle's data feeds, which provide pricing information for ERN, will enable users to track its value in real time, facilitating informed decision-making.

For Ethernity:

  • Improved Governance: Photon Messaging enables users to make interoperable decisions on Ethernity across blockchains using ERN, enabling better rewards and yield generation.
  • Enhanced liquidity utilization: Users are not limited to using their assets only on Ethernity, as other use cases exist on other DeFi platforms. This increases capital efficiency and enhances liquidity.
  • Asset Valuation Accuracy: The asset data feed by Entangle includes market prices, performance metrics, and other factors ensuring pricing accuracy. 
  • Increased User Base: Through enhanced functionality and interoperability, the demand for RWA utilization is increased.

Integrating Ethernity and Photon Messaging/Data Feeds marks a significant milestone in enhancing the platform's functionality and accessibility. 

Users can expect a seamless cross-chain experience, transparent pricing mechanisms, access to a broader range of real-world asset utilization, and incentives and yield opportunities.

We implore everyone to explore this integration and understand the benefits of joining us on the road to making DeFi adoption easier. For more information, visit our website or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.