Entangle Expands Omnichain Support With Solana Integration

Learn more about Entangle's integration with Solana.

Entangle Expands Omnichain Support With Solana Integration

Entangle is thrilled to announce two significant milestones: the launch of the NGL-Solana Bridge and Solana’s integration with Photon Messaging.

The Bridge and Photon Messaging are two key components of Entangle’s Omnichain offering. It helps connect and allows the flow of assets and messages across diverse ecosystems and opens the door for dApps on Solana to connect to external blockchains and vice versa. The Entangle e-Bridge has already successfully demonstrated the potential of interconnected ecosystems through its integration with the Mantle, BASE, and BNB Chain

The Solana integration is particularly significant as it marks one of the first executed instances of a non-EVM platform seamlessly communicating with any EVM ecosystem. This paves the way for exciting use cases such as omnichain gaming, unified liquidity pools, cross-chain DAO voting and native asset deployments on any chain. The underlying technology allows developers to build applications enabling seamless user experiences across EVM and Solana’s non-EVM ecosystems.

Why Solana? Bridging the Gap between EVM and non-EVM

At Entangle, we believe in creating a cohesive Omnichain ecosystem where users can freely interact across chains and networks. Onboarding Solana, one of the world's most popular chains, was a crucial step in achieving this vision.

Solana's non-EVM architecture offers high performance and scalability for developers, attracting significant liquidity and an impressive user base. For the Web3 ecosystem to grow, it's essential that more networks experiment with customized virtual machines and various technical configurations. However, most networks avoid the non-EVM approach due to the lack of interoperability with the EVM ecosystem.

Photon Messaging aims to foster innovation and encourage developers to experiment with diverse virtual machines with programmable interoperability now a possibility. With Photon’s cutting-edge Omnichain capabilities, developers can easily link to EVM ecosystems, avoiding the pitfalls of building in isolation or missing out on diverse user bases. Entangle now provides Solana developers the opportunity to connect to all blockchains with a few lines of code.

With Solana's integration, Entangle has taken a significant step toward creating a powerful, cohesive ecosystem that hosts both EVM and non-EVM platforms, allowing them to interact seamlessly. Expect more non-EVM ecosystems to join the ecosystem in the future.

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