Introducing Entangle

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Introducing Entangle

Navigating the vast and complex world of blockchain technology presents a significant challenge for developers. The sector has grown to encompass countless networks with over a trillion dollars in value, accompanied by an exponential increase in both on-chain and off-chain data. Seamlessly connecting and integrating this expanding blockchain landscape remains a formidable and ongoing task: until now.

Entangle provides a comprehensive suite of fully customizable data and interoperability solutions, providing the core primitives and tools needed to connect anywhere, anytime.

This is accomplished in 4 parts:

  • Photon Messaging: Highly customizable cross-chain messaging for any EVM or non-EVM network.
  • Universal Data Feeds: Low-latency, low-cost data infrastructure for any Web2 or Web3 data source. Both price-feed data and generalizable data are supported and delivered to smart contracts on any chain. 
  • Entangle VRF (e-VRF): Provides highly secure, verifiable, and unpredictable numbers, ideal for projects needing randomness. Seamlessly integrates with Entangle’s Universal Data Feeds and Photon Messaging, supporting on-chain applications such as gaming, NFTs, gambling, generative art, and beyond.
  • Liquid Vaults: Composable derivative tokens for any Web3 asset, increasing capital efficiency while still earning yield on the underlying asset. 

We believe that to reach mainstream adoption, all blockchain complexities must be abstracted away. A seamless user experience on the front-end requires all Web2 and Web3 data and assets to be seamlessly interconnected on the backend.

Others agree. Already, 65+ strategic partnerships have been established with industry leaders, including Arbitrum, Mantle, Linea, Polygon, Stargate, Aave, Velodrome, SushiSwap, and more.

Core Infrastructure and Products

Entangle infrastructure is designed to uphold 3 key principles:

  1. Security: Highly secure and tamper-proof infrastructure secured by the Entangle Blockchain, on-chain data verification, a hybrid Delegated-Proof-of-Stake architecture and KYC-verified infrastructure participants.
  2. Customizability: Moving data and assets freely between Web2 and Web3 requires that developers and dApps be able to customize their data flow and key parameters (consensus, staking requirements, etc) for every possible need.
  3. Simplicity: Everything required to connect to Entangle’s infrastructure is readily available, with an extremely fast and simple integration process for all types and levels of developers.

The primary products driving this:

Photon Messaging Protocol (PMP)

Fully customizable and secure cross-chain communication across EVM and non-EVM networks. Sophisticated components known as Executor Agents, Verifier Agents, and Receive Agents provide security while allowing full flexibility over consensus parameters and more. Use cases include omnichain assets, cross-chain swaps, trustless bridging, smart contract automation, and much more.

Entangle’s blockchain acts as a hub for execution pathways, where developers can deploy logic and smart contracts to interact with data and customize it based on any unique data delivery needs. 

Universal Data Feeds 

Low-cost, low-latency, highly secure data infrastructure for nearly all on-chain and off-chain sources. Data can be efficiently queried and delivered to smart contracts, with all logic embedded within. Use cases include RWAs, omnichain GameFi, asset pricing, loan collateralization, on-chain derivatives, and powering the native Liquid Vaults application.

Entangle’s VRF (e-VRF)

Highly secure, verifiable, and unpredictable numbers that are perfect for projects requiring any degree of randomness. Automatic integration with Entangle’s Universal Data Feeds and Photon cross-chain messaging, with on-chain use cases including gaming, NFTs, gambling, generative art, and much more.

Liquid Vaults

Entangle’s first native application allows users to create Composable Derivatives Tokens (CDTs) on top of yield-bearing assets to enhance liquidity and maximize returns. These represent the next evolution of on-chain assets and are composable throughout DeFi.

Users benefit from capital efficiency via refinancing (while still earning on the underlying positions), dApps benefit from liquidity retention and new liquidity sources, and ecosystems benefit from their protocols being able to share liquidity.

Additional products include Entangle’s Webverse utility NFTs, the Borpa omnichain meme token, and other soon-to-be-announced products.

Core Features

Entangle relies upon off-chain machines known as The Entangle Agent Network with Receiver Agents that collect and aggregate data from various on-chain and off-chain sources, such as real-world data via APIs and blockchain data via RPCs. A Proof-of-Collateral system is used whereby Agents must stake $NGL tokens to participate and reach a consensus for data to be validated on the Entangle Blockchain. This incentivizes honest behavior and ensures data integrity, and all Entangle Agents must be KYC’d/KYB’d as well.

3rd party may deploy customized Receiver Agents to verify on-chain or off-chain data, receiving $NGL tokens as compensation. Parties may elect to use Entangle’s Agents, 3rd party ones, or some combination of the two as part of their security design.

Data is sent to a master smart contract on the Entangle blockchain, responsible for data verification and processing. This smart contract (known as the Master Smart Contract) is also responsible for coordinating cross-chain messages and broadcasting price feeds.

The Executor Agent sends data from the Entangle blockchain to smart contracts that are located on every destination chain (known as End Points) and authenticates cross-chain messages and transactions. Block headers and transaction proofs are compared, and if matched, the message is approved and sent to the destination network’s End Point.

Applications may fully customize parameters such as the number of Receiver and Executor Agents, consensus threshold parameters, preferred data sources, data delivery method, data process logic, and more. These can be tailored based on security and cost preferences, and be proportionally upgraded alongside as required.

Entangle Ecosystem

Entangle is the one-stop shop for any network, protocol, or asset seeking the core primitives and tools necessary to connect to the rest of the blockchain ecosystem, including nearly all Web2 or Web3 data sources.

Since launching 18 months ago, Entangle has already established key partnerships with industry leaders, including Arbitrum, Mantle, Linea, Polygon, Stargate, Velodrome, SushiSwap, and over 55 others. These collaborations have significantly expanded Entangle’s capabilities and influence in blockchain and opened up the doors to a diverse range of use cases.

Entangle has concentrated its efforts across many critical blockchain domains, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, DeFi protocols, Real-World Assets (RWAs), GameFi, and other substantial areas. The testnet phase of Entangle has been marked by significant achievements, including the execution of 1.35M transactions, the integration of 65+ projects, and the active participation of more than 190,000 users.

We recommend that those keen on integrating with Entangle, or those with any questions, please join our Discord, or follow us on Twitter for all of our latest updates. 

Mainnet Launch

Entangle’s mainnet launch is expected to take place towards the end of Q1 2024, initially supporting 10+ networks with cross-chain communication, composable derivative tokens across 50+ dApps, and universal data feeds.

As Entangle prepares for the impending launch, we are entirely devoted to building a secure, efficient, and fully interoperable Web3. Our fully customizable & interoperable data infrastructure will unite data communication and liquidity throughout blockchain, scaling Web3 as a whole. 

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