Entangle Investment Round

Entangle Investment Round

Entangle is excited to announce the successful completion of our seed and private investment rounds, securing an impressive $4 million from esteemed investors including Big Brain Holdings, Launch Code Capital,  Istari Vision,  LBank Labs, Skynet EGLD Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Owl Ventures, Faculty Group, Seier Capital, 1NVST, Sharding Capital,  Agnostic, Castrum Capital, Terra Nova, Nxgen, MH Ventures, Contango, Crypto Times.

With special mentions for CSP DAO, OIG, Zephyrus Capital, Blockhub DAO, Offbeat, SolrDao.

This pivotal achievement underscores our dedication to leading the development of a fully customisable cross-chain interoperability and  data infrastructure, providing universal and verifiable data to smart contracts on any blockchain including Entangles native decentralised applications.

The investment will significantly contribute to advancing our technological capabilities, market strategy, broadening our international presence, and reinforcing our role in pioneering cross-chain communication and interoperable data.

At the core of Entangle's infrastructure is the customizability that empowers builders to create secure, transparent and interoperable data pathways. This includes a modular blockchain hub for initiating and executing smart contract operations. Builders are able to now design bespoke systems with enhanced control over processing and executing cross-chain operations. 

Our infrastructure also offers the flexibility to tailor consensus mechanisms and customise off-chain entities for on/off-chain data collection and validation. Designed with institutional needs in mind, it allows for the integration of customised keeper data aggregation and validation processes.

Entangle supports a wide array of applications in the Web3 domain, encompassing Real-World Assets (RWA), Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, SocialFi, Gaming, BRC-20 and . We are crafting a robust ecosystem that guarantees security through trustless architecture.

In furthering partnerships as a facilitative infrastructure,  Entangle’s innovative Dapp Liquid Vaults has partnered with a number of digital asset ecosystems and continues to integrate leading decentralised exchanges, money market and options protocols.

Our solution is designed to offer complete customizability in data delivery, transforming the way blockchain networks communicate in a transparent and secure way. 

We will also be announcing our KOL partners from our strategic round in due course