Entangle Labs Points Program

Learn how Entangle's Points System works

Entangle Labs Points Program

Entangle is launching a comprehensive Points System for its growing communities. By staking NGL tokens, users will be able to benefit from upcoming airdrops, engage with and support their favourite products in the Entangle ecosystem, and earn rewards all at the same time. With the points being directly linked to NGL staking, the community can play their part in contributing to the security and growth of the ecosystem.

The Entangle Points System is designed to incentivize user participation across all of our products while rewarding our most loyal users. The more you engage across the Entangle family of products, the greater the rewards and allocations that are available to you.

Entangle points are separate from the Validator and Transmission Agent rewards system. Read our recent blog post for more details on running a Validator or Agent on the Entangle Blockchain.


The points system is accessed by delegating your NGL tokens to one of our validators or agents through the Entangle website once live.

Delegating is a system where you contribute to the economic security of a blockchain by “locking” your tokens in a smart contract that serves as a security bond for the validators that run the programs securing the chain. With Entangle, you have the choice of staking to either a validator or one of our transmitter agents, and you will receive an approximate return of 8% Annual Payment Yield (the yield if you compound your returns). Once your NGL is staked, you will begin to accrue points. These points can then be deployed across the ecosystem to reward your support for the projects you believe in. The program will run in Epochs which are loosely aligned with the vesting unlock dates. More details about these can be found in the NGL Tokenomics blog.

Points Allocation

Educating and onboarding the next wave of crypto users has always been one of our guiding principles. By leveraging the points system, users can develop their DeFi and on chain skill sets. Many Entangle users bought their first NFT with Webverse, and with the launch of the Points System, these users will have the opportunity to grow and develop as they explore the myriad of opportunities to engage in crypto that the Entangle Labs umbrella offers.Staking is just the first step, but it is one of the first steps every user takes when they make their introduction into both EVM and non-EVM based networks. With Liquid Vaults by Entangle, users are able to extract the most efficiency from their capital with DeFi tasks such as bridging, lending and borrowing and wrapping their Liquidity Positions into Composable Derivative Tokens that can be deployed in other DeFi protocols. All of these actions will be tracked on the Entangle Blockchain and will contribute to your points total.

Users that participate in more rewards systems should be rewarded more, and at Entangle there are many opportunities to participate in the ecosystem. For example, 

if you think that memecoins are the alpha for this cycle and you are focused on the Borpa  DeFi Game, you will be able to direct your points to get the best return for your staked NGL tokens. As a result, users will be rewarded simply by using the products in the Entangle ecosystem.

In the coming weeks the $NGL points system will be live for you to stake your $NGL tokens and start collecting the points for participating in the ecosystem and strategizing on your rewards. 

Building the Ecosystem

The launch of mainnet will allow the Entangle community to delegate their NGL tokens directly to the validators and Transmission Agents that are securing and powering the network. Now with the Entangle Points System, every user will be able to benefit from their on chain activity. Whether that's maximising capital efficiency with Liquid Vaults, wagering with Zerosum or playing the Borpa DeFi Games,  Entangle Points enable every user to get the most out of the ecosystem, just by using and supporting the products that excite them.

By creating a user focused points system that individuals can tailor to their product usage, financial situation and the narratives they are allocating resources to, Entangle is leading the way in making customizability the defining feature of the web3 products of tomorrow.