Introducing Entangle Labs

Powering the New Age of Web3 Connectivity.

Introducing Entangle Labs

It is with great pleasure to announce the launch of Entangle Labs. Entangle Labs is the entity that has overseen all of the Research and Development that has brought us to the precipice of the $NGL token launch, followed by the Mainnet and much more.

Entangle Labs stands as an independent Web3 company with the sole aim to advance the Web3 ecosystem through the execution and delivery of  innovative technology products focused on interoperability, data, smart contracts, AI and much more. 

As the development and research arm of Entangle, the company aims to provide state of the art technology solutions driving benefits to users, developers and applications through the use of Entangles multi-purpose technology stack. The company  provides critical services to projects built on any blockchain, as they integrate Entangle’s products to achieve scalability, composability and customisable interoperability. 

While Entangle is forging global partnerships in both Web2 and Web3, Entangle Labs ensures that all partners are able to access an omnichain Web3, data frameworks that connect not only digital asset ecosystems but also businesses and assets located on the traditional internet or in the physical realm. Products being built or supported by Entangle Labs  across a number of use cases including but not limited to; Interoperable Real World Assets, Decentralised Physical Infrastructure (DePin), Composable Finance (DEFi), Gaming infrastructure, Social applications, On-chain Gaming, Artificial intelligence,  Liquid Re-staking and more. 

We are excited to showcase the power of the Entangle technology in supporting a number of use cases allowing availability, scalability and composability of assets across any blockchain ecosystem. 

Making Liquidity Composable on any Network

Entangle Labs  powered the creation of the innovative dApp Liquid Vaults with its game-changing Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs), bringing composability and interoperability to any yield bearing asset.

Liquid Vaults is being rolled out on 15 blockchains with the launch of mainnet, with leading dApps integrating the ground-breaking DeFi product that is revolutionising capital efficiency for users whilst allowing dAps to share liquidity. 

Using Liquid Vaults, crypto natives are now able to leave their Liquidity Position generating yield and receive 1:1 backed composable derivative tokens (CDTs). These can be positioned across a number of different use cases including money market and derivative protocols  creating increased options for liquidity providers and enhanced yield. 

Webverse Story

With the core Entangle ethos of a united Web3, this is not simply limited to technology but also includes crypto communities. Webverse NFTs were created to bridge the interoperability barriers of diverse digital asset audiences by providing them access to all of Entangle’s technology via a novel NFT concept.

Webverse is a diverse storyline which developed in a creative way to explain the Entangle lore, journey and infrastructure. Webverse embodies the courage and creativity  of Entangle Labs whereby NFT technology has been strategically utilised with powerful technology access to unite a much stronger community whilst building a powerful brand in the process. 


Entangle Labs is poised to revolutionize the DeFi space with its Entangle infrastructure, anchored by NGL stakers across both the Blockchain and Agent Network. This infrastructure is designed as the backbone of an omnichain ecosystem, fostering a network of interconnected, highly efficient dApps and assets.

The roadmap for 2024-2025 showcases a vision of a diverse array of innovative protocols and key components seamlessly integrated, symbolizing the future of omnichain development. This comprehensive ecosystem strategy aims to position Entangle as a significant  player in the blockchain space, with NGL stakers at the core of its growth and success.

A few of the anticipated milestones on the roadmap are:

Entangle Blockchain

Entangle’s Blockchain is the key component of the ecosystem, authenticating, validating and storing data in a cost effective way. Entangles blockchain has been designed with scalability, speed, customizability for smart contacts and low cost storage in mind. Secured by 100 validators and in conjunction with Photon Messaging (see below), the blockchain is the hub for developers to execute operations and data flow across any EVM and Non EVM-Chain.

Photon Messaging

An Omnichain Messaging Protocol introducing the highly customisable, upgradeable distributed network of Entangle Agents (DPoS). Orchestrated by the Master Smart Contract on the Entangle Blockchain, Photon Messaging enables protocols to send and receive data, assets and more across any EVM and non-EVM Chains and allows for state acquisition of any blockchain. Integrated across 13+ chains (and counting) developers and applications are now able to fully customize their data flow with logic, including security parameters and fees or simply opt for an automated solution. Photon messaging takes an unprecedented approach to omnichain communication, opening up the doors for native omnichain assets and various other use cases.  

Universal Data Feeds

Entangle recognises that data access outside of Web3 is equally as important as that housed on chain.  Universal data feeds allows customizable, high-frequency data feeds from any source to be queried and accessed by smart contract on any chain,   including but not limited to DEFi, GameFi, AI and Real World Assets. Developers can leverage Universal Data Feeds to obtain efficient, inexpensive, verifiable on-demand cross-chain and off-chain data. 

Liquid Vaults

The premier composable finance application that allows users to create Composable Derivatives Tokens (CDTs) against on-chain yield-bearing assets increasing their capital efficiency. This represents the next evolution of digital assets and ecosystem optimisation, allowing dApps to share liquidity. 


An alternate reality that embodies Entangle Protocol’s infrastructure. By adapting lore-driven NFT Mechanics, Entangle transforms complex ideas into engaging narratives and resolves web3 community fragmentation.


e-Bridge is a fully composable omnichain trustless bridge, utilizing the Burn and Mint or Lock and Unlock mechanisms to securely transfer NGL, Borpa, ZeroSum and other partner project tokens across 14+ networks.


e-VRF is an On-Chain Verifiable Random Function (VRF) that operates to enhance the engagement, fairness, and security of dApps. This solution leverages the agent network and other core components of Entangles infrastructure to generate random numbers. E-VRF unlocks a vast array of opportunities for dApps throughout the entire Web3 landscape including on-chain gaming, speculation driven dApps, lottery systems and more.


A revolutionary gaming infrastructure platform that rewards players, viewers and game developers. Using cutting-edge AI and smart contract technology, Zerosum is redefining the gaming experience, transitioning play-to-earn into the more user-centric compete-to-earn. ZeroSum leverages Entangle’s technology to allow omni-chain wagering and tournaments for both viewers and players delivering a transparent path to revenue for all parties including game developers. 

Borpa Memetoken

The Next Generation MemeToken. Natively deployed omnichain across Solana, Blast, Arbitrum and more with a dual-themed approach that appeals to both novices and crypto veterans. Borpa also leverages intricate DEFi mechanics with Entangle’s Liquid Vaults to power its unique financial game, encouraging participation via yield opportunities. 

SuperCharge dApp

SuperCharge revolutionizes lending with leveraged yield farming. Built using the Entangle infrastructure, the application utilizies the innovative Liquid Vaults to allow users to collateralize yield positions.

Yield Lottery dApp

The Yield Lottery dApp is gamifying the Entangle ecosystem by incentivizing both liquidity providers and Liquid Vaults users. By opting into a Yield Lottery,  participants can decide to opt into an on-chain randomised lottery with a portion of their yield and not the underlying collateral.  This additional utility for liquid vaults is designed to attract enhanced liquidity from both experienced and novel users.

Decentralised Physical Infrastructure (DePin)

Entangle recognises the criticality of DePin infrastructure, in particular in the artificial intelligence (AI) arena and how the added benefits of blockchain can bring mass benefits to large populations. Entangle is currently developing an Omnichain, liquid DePIN solution, where resource clustering is not only powered by efficient algorithms but resource providers can both opt in and be rewarded transparently on any blockchain.

In doing so, Entangle will democratise fair access to a unique and rare opportunity, curating a harmonious balance of smart contracts, blockchain, AI, physical infrastructure and privacy across any Web3 ecosystem. 

L2 Rollups

Entangles infrastructure is designed with the ability to construct Layer 2 Rollups and other scalability solutions.  In doing so, Entangle is set to greatly enhance its blockchain scalability when required to do so. This will empower application developers to craft fully customizable and interoperable solutions at scale. 

What’s next?

Looking to the future, Entangle Labs is already working on developments for a number of key projects that will leverage all verticals of Entangle's multifunctional technology stack. Most recently, Entangle Labs is closely supporting all aspects of the creation of the Borpa Token, its tokenomics and utilities including native omichain deployment and financial game mechanics. 

Alongside the Borpa Token, Entangle Labs is also powering the development of an exciting GameFi (compete-to-earn) omnichain infrastructure platform (ZeroSum) incorporating AAA Web2 games and Web3 titles within a digital competition arena.

Entangle Labs holds strongly to the thesis that GameFi solutions such as ZeroSum that intricately combine blockchain, AI, and high quality games allowing for viewers, players, sponsors and game developers to engage harmoniously have the potential to revolutionize the future of Web3 gaming.  With a market that is predicted to reach a combined Market Cap of over $1.3 trillion by 2026, ZeroSum is positioned to take advantage of this rapidly evolving sector. 

With the launch of Entangle Labs, you can expect to see a host of new applications and infrastructure being developed to suit the needs of developers, users and applications on any network. These include sectors such as DePin, Artificial Intelligence, GameFi and Real World Assets. 

Although Entangle Labs encourages and supports all developers, partners and applications to take advantage of the comprehensive suite of Entangle’s technology, the company also recognises the importance of supporting, incubating, powering and building use-cases that will drive volume to Entangle’s Blockchain and Agent Network across various rapidly growing sectors. 

With 15 chains currently supported (EVM and Non-EVM), a secure and accessible data framework available across any blockchain network, state acquisition of all networks, verifiable random functions and the ability to create assets that can live simultaneously on different blockchains, Entangle Labs stands at the forefront of building novel omnichain use cases for the Web3 ecosystem and beyond.