Resolving Liquidity #7: Izumi Finance

Resolving Liquidity #7: Izumi Finance

Lights, camera, action.

Welcome to this week's latest episode of 'Resolving Liquidity,' where we're joined by our newest partner, Izumi!

With their philosophy asserting that every token deserves efficient and lasting on-chain liquidity, it's clear to see why they align so perfectly with Entangle's mission to resolve liquidity issues.

Entangle Partners With Izumi

DeFi users and the industry face issues like inefficient incentives, high-risk trading, poor liquidity allocation, and limited multi-chain functionality. iZUMi resolves these by enhancing incentive efficiency, offering risk-free earnings, optimizing liquidity allocation with an efficient mining tool, and enabling multi-chain interactions.

These solutions deliver significant benefits. Users gain a safer, more efficient trading experience, and the DeFi ecosystem becomes more robust with optimized liquidity. Also, iZUMi's multi-chain capabilities expand its service reach, establishing it as a versatile player to join the Entangle ecosystem.

Putting The Tech Back In DeFi

iZUMi offers a robust suite of DeFi products - LiquidBox, iZiSwap, and Bond Farming, each targeting specific DeFi hurdles.

LiquidBox: Championing Incentive Efficiency

LiquidBox optimizes incentive distribution by allowing protocols to allocate rewards in chosen price ranges. Additionally, it solves the "pool 2 dilemma" by introducing structured incentives and self-balancing modules, thereby increasing liquidity and decreasing emission rates.

iZiSwap: Redefining Capital Efficiency

iZiSwap, an innovative AMM, efficiently channels on-chain liquidity to Web3 assets. Its unique discretized liquidity mechanism significantly outperforms traditional AMMs, offering a 5000x boost in capital efficiency. It also mimics a centralized exchange experience for decentralized users.

Bond Farming: Ensuring Risk-Free Returns

Bond Farming revolutionizes liquidity mining with a model guaranteeing risk-free returns to bondholders. It prioritizes repaying investors, then rewards market makers, thereby enhancing investor trust in the platform.

By combining this suite of tools all under the one roof, it enables users to have greater comfort when trading their favorite assets. But we don’t want to just create comfort, we want to bring a new paradigm to the utility of Izumi’s assets.

Here’s an illustration of a user journey demonstrating how we’re doing that:

1. User provides liquidity to Izumi

2. Izumi provides LP tokens as a receipt to the user

3. User stakes LP Token via Entangle

a. Entangle stakes and auto-compounds the LP Token on IziSwap yield-farms

b. Entangle issues the user a Liquid Vault, representing the staked and auto-compounded amount of LP Tokens

4. User can use Liquid Vaults for further options: Capital Efficiency via Lending & Borrowing or supercharging their yield!

About Izumi

iZUMi Finance is a one-stop liquidity platform for multi-chains. iZUMi’s ultimate goal is to help every partner and token to enjoy on-chain liquidity like spring water, continuous and long-lasting for centuries.

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