Entangle Partners With Mantle

Entangle Partners With Mantle

The dominos have fallen into place with our newest partner, Mantle!

This is a vibrant ecosystem set to take the blockchain world by storm with its optimistic Layer 2 roll-up solution, supported by a treasury of over $2.2 billion and a buzzing community.

Mantle Network is soon to go live and demonstrate why a multitude of builders and investors are excited to dive into their ecosystem. At Entangle, we're thrilled to support this mission of ushering in a new era of liquidity solutions, capital efficiency and omnichain connectivity!

Entangle Partners With Mantle

A key challenge to the mass adoption of crypto has been the lack of liquidity necessary to power dApps and infrastructure. For too long, users have had to deal with high fees, unscalable products, and lack of utility of yield assets, due to limited or costly infrastructure and a lack of composability of quality yield assets.

Mantle has purposefully designed a modular network architecture for its L2, combating scalability issues by allowing network performance to be easily improved. Being EVM-compatible means that all contracts and tools that work on Ethereum also function on the Mantle Network with minimal modifications. In our opinion, Solidity is and will remain the battle tested language in web3.

Mantle understands the importance of network participation. Users can experiment with exciting web3 apps and developers can deploy smart contracts in an efficient, low-fee environment. As products continue to increase in complexity, a platform that facilitates easy access to experimentation and network effects is required.

With DeFi growing and accessible, developers can introduce their DeFi ecosystems on-chain at a significantly larger scale without being heavily impacted by major gas fees, all while maintaining robust security (for example, through the use of sidechains).

Social network protocols and sophisticated options protocols (such as derivatives trading and complex gambling strategies) could be made affordable for wider adoption. Developers have the freedom to create unprecedented innovations that we couldn't have even imagined.

This fresh approach to scaling is what gets us so excited at Entangle. We intend to work with the Mantle ecosystem with our native liquid vaults dApp, utility for Entangle LSDs and last but not least our oracle solution as an option for Mantle applications.

As these ecosystems transform and grow, it is crucial that the solutions we provide are state of the art in both innovation and tech whilst designed to deal with problems encountered at a practical level.

Mantling New Possibilities

We've witnessed the catastrophes caused by centralized players; lately, a movement towards DEXs has accelerated as individuals understand the importance of protecting their privacy and assets. Decentralized trading is on the brink of expansion, and our goal is to facilitate the space with essential liquidity and utility for assets.

Mantle isn't solely about creating secure hyperscale. As an L2 at the forefront of network design, Mantle adopts innovations early, even ahead of the Ethereum Mainnet or other L2s, with the intent of enhancing the user experience in web3.

Entangle is thrilled to contribute to the growth and activity in Mantle’s ecosystem by introducing a fresh approach to liquidity for dApps and users.

About Mantle

Mantle is a fast-growing, DAO-led web3 ecosystem whose goal is the mass adoption of decentralized and token-governed technologies. Mantle Ecosystem comprises Mantle products such as Mantle Network, Mantle Governance (DAO), and Mantle Treasury. Mantle token ($MNT) is the unified product and governance token of the ecosystem.

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