Entangle Roadmap

A journey not for the half-hearted.

Entangle Roadmap

Entangle is the one-stop shop for any network, protocol, or asset seeking the core primitives and tools necessary to connect to the rest of the blockchain ecosystem. Whether it’s the tools to source data from traditional Web2 as well as Web3 to tokenize a wealth of assets, or the integrations that enable the creation of new cross-chain DeFi and Liquidity products, Entangle is enabling the omnichain evolution of the crypto industry.

Building on the successful launch of $NGL, Entangle is dedicated to enabling developers and protocols on any chain to build towards an interoperable network of blockchains where assets and liquidity can be freely deployed on any chain and data flows universally.

Entangle Mainnet

Entangle is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Photon Messaging on mainnet for early April 2024. Photon Messaging is poised to revolutionize Web3 as a secure omnichain messaging solution between both EVM and non-EVM chains. This pivotal moment signifies the culmination of extensive development and rigorous testing, propelling Entangle into the forefront of blockchain technology. 

With the deployment of Photon Messaging to mainnet, users and developers will be exposed to a plethora of new use cases providing innovation in the space. The Entangle Blockchain Explorer will also be introduced alongside Photon Messaging as a tool to provide insight and analytics on the Entangle Oracle Blockchain (EOB).

Following the launch of Photon Messaging, Entangle’s native dApp; Liquid Vaults will go live on mainnet in early to mid April as a separate entity, incubated by Entangle Labs. Liquid Vaults is an innovative re-financing solution, enabling Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs) on any yield-bearing asset. Powered by Entangle’s interoperability infrastructure, Liquid Vaults opens a multitude of yield opportunities for users by unlocking further functionality for their capital. In addition, partners of Liquid Vaults will benefit from increased liquidity as well as additional use cases for their assets. 

Infrastructure Operators

Operators of Validators and Transmitter Agents are at the centrepoint of Entangle, bootstrapping the infrastructure to verify and transmit any data in an efficient and secure manner.

Validators run the systems that are responsible for reaching consensus and the addition of new blocks to the Entangle Blockchain. Consensus among Validators enhances the security and resilience of the Entangle Blockchain through a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake mechanism, where dishonest behavior is deterred through slashing mechanisms.

Transmitter Agents (TA’s), as off-chain machines, play a crucial role in monitoring diverse chains and off-chain sources. They collect and transmit data to the Entangle blockchain, facilitating seamless integration and connectivity across multiple chains and data sources.

The onboarding process and dry-run for Validators and TA’s will commence at the end of March, leading into Entangle’s mainnet launch.

$NGL Token

$NGL is Entangle's native token, a keystone in powering Entangle’s core infrastructure.

The token is crucial in fueling the EOB where $NGL is used as payment for gas transaction fees on the Entangle Blockchain and as a bond for developers looking to integrate the Entangle suite of products. 

In addition, it is used as a delegation to run Validators and Transmitter Agents. Holders of NGL are also able to delegate to Validators, further compounding EOB’s security as well as receiving a share of the revenues generated.

Holders will also be able to stake $NGL to earn points which will grant exclusive benefits within the Entangle Ecosystem, including access to future products and tokens. These points will interplay heavily with Webverse’s point system; Energy.

The staking portal will go live in April 2024 following mainnet.

Entangle Ecosystem

Entangle positions itself at the core of an ecosystem, powering a network of interconnected dApps contributing to an omnichain future.

Following the mainnet launch of Entangle, Entangle Labs is dedicated to building out a number of products on top of Entangle’s core infrastructure. The first of many upcoming releases are as follows:


e-VRF is an on-chain Verifiable Random Function (VRF) that operates to enhance the engagement, fairness, and security of dApps. This solution leverages the agent network and other core components of Entangle’s infrastructure to generate random numbers. e-VRF unlocks a vast array of opportunities for dApps throughout the entire Web3 landscape including on-chain gaming, speculation driven dApps, lottery systems and more.


Borpa is the next generation memecoin, a natively omnichain meme token incubated by Entangle Labs. Borpa is a showcase of Entangle’s interoperable technology to efficiently enable any token to become omnichain. It also leverages the intricate DeFi mechanics of Liquid Vaults to power its innovative financial framework. Borpa is currently in the final stages of development, and is set to release mid-end April, shortly after the mainnet launch of Liquid Vaults.


Zerosum is a revolutionary gaming infrastructure platform that rewards players, viewers and game developers. Using cutting-edge AI and smart contract technology, Zerosum is redefining the gaming experience, transitioning play-to-earn into the more user-centric compete-to-earn. ZeroSum leverages Entangle’s technology to allow omni-chain wagering and tournaments for both viewers and players delivering a transparent path to revenue for all parties including game developers. 


Entangle recognises the criticality of DePIN infrastructure, in particular in the artificial intelligence (AI) arena and how the added benefits of blockchain can bring mass benefits to the population at large. Entangle is currently developing an omnichain, liquid DePIN solution, where resource clustering is not only powered by efficient algorithms but resource providers can both opt in and be rewarded transparently on any blockchain.

Including a multitude of other innovative products and solutions, Entangle Labs continues to build and develop around its infrastructure, cultivating an ecosystem dedicated to connecting all aspects of Web3. In doing so, Entangle also enhances the inherent value for all products within its ecosystem whilst uniting them in a shared vision of an omnichain future.

Leading into 2024 with a strong launch of $NGL, Entangle is dedicated to become a key player in providing the interoperable infrastructure to facilitate for any dApp or protocol to become omnichain. Entangle is committed to consistently deliver to its ecosystem of products and infrastructure upgrades to achieve its goal in an interoperable Web3.

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