Entangle: Fantom Integration

Entangle: Fantom Integration

We are excited to announce the Strategic Integration between Entangle and Fantom. Fantom has been at the forefront of the drive towards blockchain scalability, and with the integration of Entangle’s seamless cross-chain communication and DeFi tools throughout the Fantom ecosystem combined with the imminent unveiling of Fantom Sonic the network is now perfectly positioned to capitalize on its low latency, lightning fast finality and unlimited scalability.

Entangle is the fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure layer that allows any Web2 and Web3 primitive to become omnichain. Entangle’s suite of messaging, oracle and liquidity services provide the tools that can be integrated into DeFi, RWA, on-chain gaming dApps and many more use cases that are emerging on Fantom, attracted by it’s low fees and secure environment, without compromising on the fast transaction speeds that are the hallmark of Fantom.

Integrating Photon Messaging

At the core of this collaboration is integrating Entangle's Photon Messaging Protocol, which enhances Fantom's existing interoperability capabilities with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, BNB and Cosmos and extends them to Solana, Mantle as well as all other Entangle supported blockchains. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Fantom users can now effortlessly communicate with networks across the wider Crypto landscape, breaking the limitations of isolated blockchain ecosystems. 

For builders creating the Candy Crush of Web3, the Photon Messaging Protocol enables the integration of omnichain facets in GameFi, extending the reach beyond the confines of their native ecosystem to ensure they can maximize the cross-chain impact of their creations while attracting users from across the entire crypto landscape. 

The Photon Messaging Protocol, with its sophisticated transmitters and Entangle blockchain infrastructure, serves as a catalyst for enhanced cross-chain communication. This opens up opportunities for smart contract interoperability and dApp development, fostering a more interconnected, scalable and capital efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Universal Data Feeds

Entangle's custom data feeds play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 ecosystems within Fantom. These Universal Data Feeds enable developers to access a vast array of information, ranging from real-world asset pricing to support projects tokenizing RWAs like Digishare to event updates and web3 asset pricing that will underpin the emerging omnichain gaming market, in turn unlocking the potential for a wide range of innovative applications within the Fantom ecosystem. 

By integrating Entangle’s services, dApps and developers can create and receive custom data feeds, tailoring these to the requirements of their products and markets. With the ability to customize decisions like push/pull calling and the level of consensus required, as well as the option of integrating your custom Transmitter Agent for proprietary data streams, developers can stay true to Fantom’s vision of scalability, instant finality and low fees. 

Building The Future of DeFi

This symbiotic relationship heralds a new era for smart contract platforms, as we move towards an era of truly interoperable blockchains. As Entangle’s infrastructure evolves and ever more networks are supported, Fantom is positioned to benefit thanks to the low latency and fast finality that is highly valued throughout the industry, all while leveraging Entangle’s products to maximize capital efficiency and retention throughout the ecosystem. 

The collaboration between Entangle and Fantom heralds a new era of technological advancement and collaboration within Web3 As we look towards the future, we are excited about the transformative potential of this collaboration. With a shared vision for innovation and scalability, Entangle can unlock endless opportunities for developers, businesses, and users alike, propelling the ecosystem towards new heights!