Entangle x Google Cloud Partnership

Entangle x Google Cloud Partnership

Entangle Technologies (Entangle) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, aimed at fortifying the scalability, resilience, and data accessibility of the Entangle Blockchain and Data Infrastructure.

This collaboration promises to reinforce the Entangle ecosystem, enhancing its infrastructure that powers an array of Web3 services and decentralised applications (dApps). By joining the Google Web3 benefits for startups program, Entangle has gained invaluable support, including up to $200,000 to cover infrastructure expenses, access to Web3 communities, resourceful training, and Web3 foundation grants in addition to those already secured.

On the technological front, Entangle will leverage Google Cloud Services to bolster the security measures of its Conductor and Transmitter Agents. These pivotal components are conduits to a universal data solution, offering customizable and verifiable data flow from diverse sources to any Web3 application. This integration ensures a resilient and secure foundation for executing a variety of protocol operations, incorporating Google Cloud Services.

For instance, third-party entities like real-world asset issuers or on-chain gaming applications will have the option to utilize securely housed conductor agents within Google Cloud Infrastructure. The optionality ensures maximum data security during execution of smart contracts. Additionally, Entangle’s Transmitter Agents will procure data through Google Nodes for Ethereum and Polygon networks, extending in the future to other networks. This will enable efficient and dependable data delivery.

Entangle sources, processes, computes, and verifies data from various origins, facilitating a multitude of functions and opening up a vast array of use cases. This ranges from empowering on-chain gaming, insurance, and financial markets to supporting the refinancing of yield-bearing assets by providing complex hybrid TWAP/VWAP price feeds for derivatives products within Web3.

Moreover, Entangle is exploring ways to expand Google's BigQuery Data platform to encompass a wider spectrum of Web3 Data aiming to offer Google priority access to verified and authenticated datasets via RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) to Entangle's Nodes. This collaborative effort would enable Google to seamlessly integrate this data into their Web3 Big Data services, potentially for monetization or enhancing search results.