Entangle x X1

Entangle x X1

Entangle, the fully customisable and interoperable data infrastructure tailored for Web3 and institutional use, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with X1, a highly scalable and secure zkEVM Layer 2  built with Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) as part of a strategic collaboration between OKX and Polygon Labs.

Known for its high performance, security, and gas efficiency, X1 is the perfect ally for Entangle, enhancing its mission to provide universal data interoperability and cross-chain communication within a robust ecosystem.

Entangle is delighted to collaborate with X1, a component of the innovative OKX ecosystem. This collaboration is set to revolutionise financial access for the 1.4 billion unbanked globally, using OKX exchange as a key gateway. X1's role in this collaboration extends far beyond technology, embodying a commitment to inclusivity and connectivity in the digital financial landscape.

As Entangle prepares for its launch, the integration with X1 Testnet adds a new layer of excitement due to X1's advanced technical features.

Super Interoperability

Entangle introduces the Photon Messaging Layer, expanding on X1's existing interoperability with Ethereum supercharging X1 capabilities.  Combined with X1's instant finality feature, the integration allows for swift value transmission between any Web3 ecosystem. 

It supports a network of smart contracts, a specialized blockchain for data validation, and customizable transmitter agents, enhancing cross-chain communication and data flow.

With this integration, DApps on X1 can now benefit from a secure, decentralized, and cost-effective launchpad for smart contract automation and cross-chain communication.

Liquidity Sharing Between DApps

Another pillar of this collaboration is Entangle's innovative dApp, Liquid Vaults. This collaboration creates composable liquid vaults (LSDs) on any yield bearing assets within the X1 ecosystem allowing for dApps to share liquidity, provide liquidity providers with refinancing options on their assets or yield-enhancing opportunities across a wide array of DeFi applications.

Liquid Vaults by Entangle not only optimizes yield assets but also promotes efficient liquidity throughout the X1 ecosystem. This expands the potential for yield assets, supporting liquidity retention in DeFi protocols and improving capital efficiency, thus offering users better opportunities to leverage their assets.

Universal and Customizable Data

Entangle's collaboration with X1 allows DApps and developers to create and receive custom data feeds, fitting specific needs. For instance, with Liquid Vaults, Entangle can offer a hybrid TWAP/VWAP price feed, crucial for robust pricing for money market protocols when borrowing against composable LSDs. These feeds complement the Photon Messaging Layer, unlocking diverse applications within X1's ecosystem, from interoperable real-world assets to on-chain gaming.


X1 distinguishes itself as a super scalable Layer 2 blockchain, ideal for the burgeoning demands of the industry. Its zero-knowledge architecture ensures low fees, rapid transaction finality, and a familiar EVM environment, which is conducive for developer innovation.

The integration of Entangle with X1 Testnet brings significant value in terms of liquidity optimization, advanced interoperability, and high scalability. This positions X1 as a top destination for scalable Web3 applications and diverse use cases, highlighting its role as a cost-efficient, fast and scalable blockchain designed to on-board the next wave of users.