Entangle x Zerosum

Entangle x Zerosum

Entangle is excited to announce an integration with ZeroSum to facilitate interoperable and secure gaming experiences across their P2P GameFi Infrasructure platform. 

The integration will enable ZeroSum to manage contributions and rewards of tournaments and wagering participants across multiple blockchain networks. 

Entangles custom data solution will also  allow web2 data to be accessed by ZeroSum in a cost efficient, on-chain and authenticated manner.

The Photon Messaging Layer, a cross-chain solution by Entangle, provides secure, cost-efficient smart contract communication for web3 ecosystems,  connecting 12+ EVM and non-EVM chains. 

As a result, Entangle enables scaling, flexibility and customisation for ZeroSum developers. On the other hand,  it increases accessibility for gamers, fostering stronger connections between different communities.

What is ZeroSum?


ZeroSum is at the forefront of driving revenue to gamefi bringing not only wagering and tournaments for players but also viewers powered by artificial intelligence. 

The platform enables gamers & viewers alike to engage in peer-to-peer wagering, underpinned by transparent AI-driven analytics. ZeroSum’s smart API allows any game web2 or 3 to connect to revenue focussed web3 modules immediately. 

The architecture and platform open up new avenues for participation and revenue generation for game developers, players, fans and sponsors. ,  

Unify Web3 with Entangle

As Entangle is getting ready for the upcoming launch, we are fully devoted to building a secure, efficient and composable Web3.  

With a fully customisable & interoperable data infrastructure, Entangle aims to resolve communication, liquidity and scalability for web3 and institutions alike.

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