Entangle Testnet Oracle Is Live

Entangle Testnet Oracle Is Live

We’ve taken a significant step forward by opening our Oracle for protocols and developers to test!

Designed with both users and developers in mind, these improvements are designed to meet the evolving needs of Web3, aiming to make interactions more efficient, secure, and customizable.

Major Update

The first major development is the expanded access to the Oracle. Developers and DApps can now scale cross-chain with a fully customisable on-chain oracle solution. Previously limited in accessibility, it's now open for exploration. This facilitates a hands-on experience for anyone keen to explore its functionalities. Protocols will also find the integration process with Entangle's Oracle more streamlined. Concurrently, our team is enhancing the user interface to ensure that interactions are smooth and intuitive.

New Architecture

We've made significant advancements with our Endpoint architecture. The Master Endpoint secured on the Entangle Blockchain serves as the primary hub for data storage, processing and verification. Simultaneously, individual Endpoints on other blockchains have been established to oversee and carry out operations. This cohesive synchronised system offers numerous advantages due to operations being faster from reduced data redundancy and increased safety.

Entangle’s adaptability across various blockchains is also enhanced, promoting greater flexibility and connectivity to both EVM and Non-EVM chains. Additionally, the verification procedure before transaction execution fortifies the platform's security.

Oracle Governance System

The introduction of the Oracle Governance System demonstrates our commitment to customization and versatility. This system grants protocol developers the flexibility to modify and configure based on specific needs. Developers, meanwhile, can manage settings with greater ease, ensuring greater adaptability to changing requirements. We stay true to our thesis that one size does not fit all.


Entangle's latest adjustments pave the way for a more user-centric platform. Both users and developers can expect a more efficient, secure, and tailored experience. As the decentralized space continues to grow, these updates position Entangle as a key player and unifier ready to meet the demands of modern decentralized applications and smart contracts.