Entangle's Trojan Horse - Borpa

A green light moment for all future integrations on Entangle's Omnichain Infrastructure.

Entangle's Trojan Horse - Borpa

With hundreds of millions in VC raises, you'd think blockchains and ecosystems would excel at acquiring users. Most infrastructure projects conduct large raises and allocate a portion of the token distribution as grants to incentivize protocols onto their stack.

While this might be a short-term solution, if your only go-to-market strategy is giving large grants to acquire new protocols, once the music stops, everyone leaves the room. Infrastructure projects need to rethink their approach, focusing more on where attention and liquidity come from for sustained periods.

As a dApp, you want to gain as many users as possible to reach that critical mass of attention and liquidity, achieving escape velocity and a long-term presence in Web3. As an infrastructure protocol, the objective is the same.

So, if both goals align, why don’t infrastructure protocols focus on building attention and liquidity through their own curated dApps? 

This is the foundation for Entangle’s Trojan horse – Borpa.

The Greenlight Moment

In the early days of DeFi, there was no standard way to fetch price feeds. DApps risked trusting centralized sources or receiving manipulated data. Then came Chainlink, which wasn’t gaining traction until Synthetix (a leading DeFi protocol) integrated Chainlink’s price feeds. From that moment, Chainlink became the gold standard as protocols saw the benefits of its reliable tooling.

More recently, we’ve seen Solana rise from near collapse after the FTX debacle. Despite severe setbacks, Solana resurfaced thanks to developer activity and, notably, memecoins. With activity, attention, and a user-friendly platform, Solana showed that with the right mix of builders and attention, ecosystems can endure even the most unexpected black swan events.

Attention sparks from new and creative possibilities. The EVM architecture, dominant since Ethereum's inception in 2015, had limitations. Solana’s SVM architecture offered something new—faster, cheaper payments, ideal for retail users with small portfolios.

Borpa understands the yin-yang effect of acquiring retail users to maximize attention while also attracting liquidity from whales. Green squishy characters appeal to the masses, regardless of portfolio size. Financial games attract those skilled in high-level game theory. Crypto thrives on financial psychology, where the smartest players can outsmart others for life-changing wealth.

Game theory requires meticulous research of past liquidity mechanics to understand which strategies were most effective. Bluechip status is achieved through becoming a cultural phenomenon and understanding the environment you’re playing in. Experienced players can spot poor product design, making perfectionism crucial.

Building a financial game across multiple chains requires detailed knowledge of previous DeFi protocols and base-level logic. To showcase the flexibility and utility of the Entangle infrastructure, we're leveraging Borpa's financial game. On the surface, it looks like typical yield farming, but it’s one of the most complex and well-researched financial games in DeFi's evolution. Borpa's hyper-deflationary tokenomics, spanning multiple blockchains, supercharge the Entangle infrastructure, demonstrating the flexibility of Omnichain architecture.

This sets the greenlight moment for Entangle’s ecosystem, establishing it as the gold standard for Omnichain deployments. dApps like Borpa can now reach previously inaccessible users on distant blockchains.

The Entangle Infrastructure Stack

Photon Messaging

Photon Messaging is an omnichain protocol powered by Entangle's distributed network of customizable, upgradeable agents (DPoS), coordinated by a Master Smart Contract on the Entangle Blockchain. It enables protocols to send and receive data, assets, and more across EVM and non-EVM chains, facilitating state acquisition from any blockchain. Integrated with over 16+ chains, it allows developers to customize data flow with logic, security parameters, and fees, or choose automated solutions. Photon Messaging revolutionizes omnichain communication, enabling native omnichain assets and diverse use cases.

Universal Data Feeds

Entangle's Universal Data Feeds provide customizable, high-frequency data from any source to smart contracts on any chain. This service supports DeFi, GameFi, AI, and Real World Assets, allowing developers to access efficient, inexpensive, verifiable on-demand cross-chain and off-chain data.


e-Bridge is a fully composable omnichain trustless bridge, utilizing the Burn and Mint or Lock and Unlock mechanisms to securely transfer NGL, BORPA, and other partner project tokens across dozens of networks.


e-VRF is an On-Chain Verifiable Random Function (VRF) that operates to enhance the engagement, fairness, and security of dApps. This solution leverages the agent network and other core components of Entangles infrastructure to generate random numbers. E-VRF unlocks a vast array of opportunities for dApps throughout the entire Web3 landscape including on-chain gaming, speculation driven dApps, lottery systems and more.

Solana Integration

Solana, renowned for its highest daily active users, volume, and market attention, operates with its own Rust-based virtual machine, distinct from EVM compatibility. Integrating with Solana was a strategic move for Borpa. Utilizing Entangle's advanced Photon Messaging technology and the dedicated efforts of our Rust development team, we're excited to announce the availability of $BORPA and its engaging financial game on Solana. This integration promises to significantly expand our user base, thanks to Solana's exceptional user experience.

What’s Next?

The old comes with the new. Let’s be honest, DeFi doesn't have the same charm it used to. Maybe it’s the high APY death spirals, lack of innovation, or issues like MEV draining users. Crypto needs a truly decentralized and composable financial system, and the world lacks a way to fully utilize idle assets within DeFi. The current transaction costs and opportunity losses often aren't worthwhile.

Even after the ETH Merge made transactions cheaper, the fundamental issue remained: few want to use the future of finance. This might partly be due to “food coins” crushing the dreams of many yield farmers.

Luckily, Trillion aims to unlock a vast, untapped market within DeFi: the secondary utility of idle assets. Despite significant advancements, a large portion of the $100 billion locked in DeFi remains underutilized due to its lack of composability. This limitation stifles these assets' potential, much like how stablecoins are still tied to traditional banking systems.

Trillion's mission is to change this by introducing Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs), unlocking idle assets' potential and enabling a more dynamic, independent financial ecosystem. This mechanism is integrated within BorpaToken's financial game. When users provide liquidity to Borpa farms, they automatically receive a derivative token, allowing them to borrow liquidity on top of it. Borpa LPs will earn swap fees, $BORPA incentives, and have the opportunity to leverage their positions. 

Rumors suggest Trillion could have its own token with an active point system in preparation. Still don’t get it? Think of making money on top of making money on top of making money. Welcome to the next generation of DeFi.