Halborn Security Audit

Halborn Security Audit

We are pleased to formally announce the successful completion of our recent audit, conducted by the renowned Halborn Security Auditing firm. This comprehensive evaluation focused on the security measures of Entangle’s Node modules and the associated token smart contracts, identifying areas for potential enhancement and improvement.

Node Assessment

Liquid Vaults Assessment

Entangle has diligently collaborated with Halborn's auditing team to address their findings and incorporate their recommended modifications. The publication of these results underscores the robustness and integrity of Entangle's security framework.

The safeguarding of our stakeholders, including supporters, users, and partners, remains a paramount concern for Entangle. We have consistently prioritized a thorough and rigorous audit process for every component of our tool suite. This approach ensures the enhancement of liquidity, as well as the infrastructure's support for the composability and interoperability of blockchains, adhering to the highest standards of controls and auditing.

Halborn is recognized as a leading authority in Web3 security, specializing in the auditing of blockchain and smart contracts. Founded in 2019 by the esteemed ethical hacker Steven Walbroehl and growth hacker Rob Behnke, Halborn's mission is to offer unparalleled security advisory services, maintaining confidentiality and integrity. The firm has rapidly expanded, now boasting over 100 top-tier offensive security engineers globally.

Halborn's expertise, particularly in Cosmos Tendermint builds, and their proven track record in delivering comprehensive analysis and correction of blockchain application smart contracts, were pivotal in their selection by Entangle. Their methodology, which combines manual scrutiny with automated testing, ensures the highest security level for Entangle’s products, ranging from the $NGL and Webverse smart contracts to the Liquid Vaults dApp, ahead of the mainnet release.

Halborn has earned the trust of prominent entities in the cryptocurrency sector, having provided auditing services to numerous projects, including blockchains like Solana and Polygon, smart contracts for Near and Tezos, swap protocols such as Sushiswap, the Phantom wallet, and even the Bored Apes Yacht Club.

The audit encompassed the $NGL smart contract — covering wrapped and bridged tokens and the smart contract for Spotter functions — as well as the Node Modules built on the Cosmos SDK. Throughout this process, Halborn identified areas requiring remediation, which were promptly addressed by Entangle. Following reevaluation, Halborn granted approval, affirming the security measures in place.

After receiving outstanding support, Entangle is collaborating with Halborn as long-term security partners. Halborn will act as an extension of Entangle’s development team to ensure the highest level of security measures are implemented. We're looking forward to building secure products within the Entangle Labs ecosystem alongside Halborn.