How to Delegate $NGL

Learn how to delegate $NGL tokens to Validators.

How to Delegate $NGL

Entangle Blockchain advances to be a secured platform while maintaining scalability within the decentralized framework. It integrates the Ethereum trusted security mechanisms with the expansive capabilities of the Cosmos network, providing a foundational environment for seamless Omnichain interactions.

Suppose you hold $NGL tokens and are interested in contributing to the network’s security and efficiency while earning rewards. Taking on the role of a delegator can help reinforce Entangle’s operational stability and efficiency. In that case, this article will guide you through becoming a delegator on the blockchain.

The Importance of Delegation

Entangle’s mainnet embodies a Layer1 blockchain as a vital communication hub, merging Ethereum's functionality with Cosmos's scalability and interoperability. This integration is powered by Tendermint Core's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, ensuring rapid transaction finality. For token holders, delegation represents an opportunity to support network integrity and influence its evolution, all while earning potential rewards from their staked $NGL tokens.

What You Need to Know Before Delegating

  • Choosing a Validator: Validators are critical in maintaining the blockchain's integrity and efficiency. When choosing a validator to delegate your $NGL tokens, consider their performance history, fee structure, uptime, and community reputation to ensure they align with your expectations for security and reliability.
  • Understanding Token Economics: It is essential to read and thoroughly understand the $NGL tokenomics, including reward calculations and the implications of the 21-day locking period for delegated tokens. This knowledge will help you manage your investments and expectations regarding liquidity and returns.

Detailed Steps to Delegate on Entangle

  • Connecting Your Wallet:
  1. Visit [Entangle's Explorer](
  2. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button to integrate your digital wallet with the Entangle network, approving all necessary permissions.
  • Delegating Your Tokens:
  1. Navigate to the 'Blockchain' section and select the ‘Validators’ tab.
  2. Choose a validator and click the ‘Delegate’ button next to their name.
  3. Confirm the transaction by clicking ‘Delegate’ and signing through your wallet.
  1. In the delegate window, enter the number of tokens you wish to delegate or use the ‘Max’ button to allocate all available tokens, keeping enough to cover transaction fees.
  • Managing Your Delegation: After delegation, manage and review your activities via the Delegation Dashboard. This tool provides insights into your rewards, validator performance, and other relevant metrics, helping you make informed decisions about future delegations or adjustments.

Risks and Rewards of Delegation

  • Potential Rewards: Delegating $NGL tokens supports the network and earns you a share of the transaction fees and other incentives, contributing to a potentially lucrative investment.
  • Associated Risks: Be aware of the risks, such as possible validator failures (leading to a loss of rewards or principal due to slashing) and market volatility that can affect the value of $NGL.

How to Undelegate

If you decide to retrieve your tokens, the process is straightforward:

  1. Return to the delegate window and switch to the ‘Undelegate’ tab.
  2. Enter the desired amount to undelegate or select ‘Max.’
  3. Confirm by clicking ‘Undelegate’ and signing the necessary transactions.

In conclusion, delegating your $NGL tokens empowers you to play a significant role in the governance and maintenance of the Entangle blockchain. It aligns with the ideology that every participant has a voice and a stake in the network's future; that is true governance. 

Stay engaged, make informed decisions, and contribute to ecosystem security and efficiency. By following this guide, you can effectively contribute to Entangle's security and operations, ensuring scalability for all users.