Introducing The Entangle Points Program

Learn about the Entangle Points Program.

Introducing The Entangle Points Program

Entangle is excited to announce the launch of our points program, designed to reward users for their active participation in securing our blockchain.

The Entangle Points Program is a comprehensive reward system incentivizing users to stake their NGL tokens with validators or transmitter agents. By participating in this program, users help maintain the security and efficiency of the Entangle blockchain while earning points that can be utilized within the ecosystem. The program aims to build a more engaged and secure community by directly linking points to NGL staking.

How to Accumulate Points

Accumulating points in the Entangle Points Program is straightforward and beneficial. Here are the key activities through which you can earn points:

  1. Staking NGL Tokens: 
  • Validators: Delegate your NGL tokens to one of our validators. Validators are responsible for securing the blockchain by validating transactions and maintaining network integrity.
  • Transmitters: Alternatively, you can delegate your NGL tokens to our transmitter agents, who play a crucial role in the network by ensuring data is correctly transmitted and processed.

Note: Staking involves delegating NGL to validators or transmitter agents who run nodes that confirm and validate new transactions, adding them to the blockchain, which is crucial for maintaining integrity and security.

  1. Using the e-Bridge:
  • Transaction Rewards: Earn points for each transaction made using the eBridge. This rewards users who actively participate in transferring assets and data across different blockchain networks using the Entangle platform.
  • Enhanced Utility: Frequent use of the e-Bridge supports network security and maximizes your point accumulation, contributing to a more integrated and efficient blockchain ecosystem. How to use the e-Bridge.

Benefits of the Points Program

  1. No Redelegation Required: If you are already delegating your NGL tokens, there is no need to undelegate and redelegate. Your current delegation will seamlessly transition into the points program.
  2. Annual Percentage Yield (APY): Participants can expect an approximate return of 8% APY, which compounds to increase returns over time.
  3. Incentivized Transactions: By using the eBridge, you facilitate asset transfers and enhance your point earnings, encouraging active network participation.

Ecosystem Engagement: The points you earn can be deployed across the Entangle ecosystem, allowing you to support and gain rewards from products within the ecosystem.

Future Expansion of the Points Program

The Entangle Points Program will expand to encompass all Entangle products as they go live. This comprehensive approach ensures that users earn points through various activities within the Entangle ecosystem. Whether you are staking, bridging, or participating in other DeFi activities, your actions will contribute to your total points.


The Entangle Points Program offers an innovative way to engage with the Entangle blockchain, providing tangible rewards for your contributions to network security and transaction activity. By staking your NGL tokens with validators or transmitter agents and using the eBridge for transactions, you help protect the blockchain and earn points that enhance your participation in the ecosystem.

Start accumulating points today and become an integral part of the Entangle community. Visit our website to learn more and begin your journey with the Points Program. The homepage for the points program is not live yet, but it will be in the following weeks.

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