Introducing ZeroSum

Wager on the action.

Introducing ZeroSum

Entangle, the data infrastructure layer bringing customizable solutions to Web3, is excited to announce the incubation of ZeroSum, the Gamefi platform that rewards viewers, players and game developers through an ecosystem centred around Compete-to-Earn (C2E).

Entangle x Zerosum

ZeroSum has been collaborating closely with Entangle Labs to develop an innovative GameFi infrastructure solution. This collaboration aims to enable all participants to wager on the action, host tournaments, and foster community involvement across Web3, through an omnichain framework.

The platform combines novel technology sectors which are predicted to reach a Market Cap of over $1.3 trillion by 2026. Zerosum is positioning itself to be the platform to touch all corners of gaming and where both viewers and players have skin in the game. Zerosum will be the 4th ecosystem product developed with the support of Entangle Labs, and will see the launch of the third token in the Entangle Ecosystem. 

ZeroSum finds the optimal balance in the application of artificial intelligence, high quality Web2 and Web 3 gaming titles, omnichain smart contracts and blockchain technology to enable Web3 Gaming to overcome the challenges it has faced to date.

Speculation at the Core

The rise of the Attention Economy is particularly salient in the crypto sphere. The idea that attention is a commodity is not new, and there are entire industries built around the concept. ZeroSum deploys smart mechanics to monetise viewership through unique matching systems whilst inhibiting strong go to market strategies that complement the attention economy that crypto ecosystems thrive on. When it comes to the crypto industry, what outsiders see as degens jumping from one Ponzi scheme to the next, another perspective looks at it as the attention economy elevated to its highest form. With the compete to earn concept built around quality gaming titles and designed with the attention economy in mind, the adoption metrics open up to gigantic potential as building sticky audiences is key for GameFi to thrive. 

Web2 vs Web3

Web3 gaming is reaching a pivot point where developers can no longer achieve immediate financial return from merely focusing on gaming and blockchain and expect to sustain users of their product. Any area that Web3 gaming is lacking in is a dangerous hole in the ship that will bring everything down with it. To match the decades of multifaceted development that have taken place within Web2 gaming, the industry requires a platform that has something to offer for everybody with the additional potential that blockchain and decentralisation enables.

With the supplementation of Entangle’s technology, ZeroSum expands its offerings across multiple chains, opens up to wider audiences, has unparalleled data capabilities whilst obtaining the advantage of novel on-chain random number generation to promote transparency and lead the charge into the next evolution of on-chain gaming.  

The smart API enables any game developers to focus their time towards creating engaging products with competition mechanics that appeal to both the crypto natives and the estimated 3.3 billion gamers looking for the next blockbuster game or where they feel the thrill of having some skin in the game.

The evolution from Web2 to Web3 gaming marks a significant shift in the gaming experience. While Web2 gaming is lauded for its refined user experiences and established platforms, Web3 introduces a revolutionary layer of value and asset freedom. In Web3 gaming, blockchain technology empowers players with true ownership of in-game assets and facilitates peer-to-peer trading, opening up new economic possibilities. This integration of value layers over traditional gaming experiences signifies a paradigm shift towards a more decentralized and player-empowered ecosystem.


Clearly, AI is no longer just a buzzword. AI is beginning to reach a level of maturity that allows for smarter experiences and better responsiveness across the board. ZeroSum directly integrates AI into the platform, analyzing user data in order to improve matchmaking, provide odds for viewer wagering and augment the gaming experience directly. The platform keeps detailed track of player statistics, allowing every match to be a learning opportunity by showing gamers where they are doing well and where they can improve.

Between gamers, viewers, developers, sponsors and more, ZS gives everybody a chance to take advantage of the new possibilities that Web3 gaming has to offer. No matter what your preferences are or how you interact with gaming, you now have a chance to earn, compete, and have fun with ZeroSum. 


ZeroSum has been developed with the core issues of the gaming industry in mind:


The competitive aspect of gaming is very important at ZeroSum; so much so that the financial model is built for a competitive mindset. That’s why tournaments are one of the key features of the platform. Tournaments can be created in any ZS game by multiple parties—players, the games’ developers, sponsors, or ZeroSum itself—with a variety of rulesets, sizes, and rewards. This allows anybody to get in on the competitive action at any level. Esports for everyone!

Viewer Wagering

At this point, games are nearly as much about viewing as they are for playing. Millions of people tune in to the biggest esports events and billions of minutes of livestreaming are watched every year. Doesn’t it make sense to give viewers a bigger piece of the action? ZS’s viewer wagering allows for just that. Anybody can place a wager on various tournaments and matches on the platform and be rewarded for their dedication and knowledge of the scene, augmented further by statistics and odds backed up with ZeroSum’s AI module. Compete-to-earn should allow everyone to have skin in the game, and viewer wagering makes this a reality.

Furthermore, streaming capabilities are directly integrated into ZS. More on this at a later date!

Open Challenges

Part of gaming’s appeal is that it can match your level of commitment at any moment. Don’t want to play a whole tournament but still want to play a match with some stakes? This is what open challenges are for: pick a wagering range of any time length and jump right into a round!

For Game Devs

Web3 gaming has historically been lacking game quality. Why? For one, developers are often strapped for cash, making it easy to fall into the trap of using crypto to make a quick profit rather than spending a lot of time and money, not only learning how to integrate the blockchain, but on making sure that a title’s quality matches what Web2 can offer. That’s why ZS believes it is necessary to provide developers with new paths to revenue in order to give them an incentive to develop the best product they can. All games connected to ZeroSum reward their devs with a sustainable stream revenue taken from tournament and wagering fees.


Web3 gaming is one of the clearest use cases for crypto’s mass adoption. Up until this date gamers, viewers and developers have been significantly prohibited by a number of factors including, blockchain architecture, economic incentives, game quality amongst other significant stumbling blocks. 

ZeroSum is the new age digital competition arena, allowing players, developers and fans to monetise their skills and get in on the action. The platform, powered by Entangle’s infrastructure, moves the needle by building innovative tooling and creating the value layer much needed for the advancement of GameFi.  

We’re looking forward to you wagering on the action!

Oh, by the way, keep stacking those points…

You’ll need them.