Linea Integration

Learn how Linea Ecosystem will benefit from customisable, secure and cost-efficient interoperability solutions built by Entangle

Linea Integration

Entangle is excited to announce strategic integration with Linea and present their ecosystem for its testnet users. This deployment will bring customisable and cost-efficient cross-chain communication and data feeds into the ecosystem, empowering DApps to achieve a more seamless and secure user experience for the community. 

As all eyes look toward one of the fastest linearly growing blockchains with metrics to back it up, we've seen an impressive $200 million in total value bridged, over 19 million transactions, and more than 1.7 million unique wallets.

Linea, an innovative Ethereum layer 2 solution developed by Consensys, is distinguished by its use of zero-knowledge (zk) rollup technology and full EVM equivalence, facilitating seamless scalability and interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem​. Learn more about Linea here

A Linear Path to Scaling

The blockchain market is rapidly adopting Layer 2 solutions to address Ethereum's scalability challenges. Yet, these advancements have led to complex interoperability issues and a scarcity of reliable data across platforms, hindering dApp functionality and user experience.

The primary issue Linea and Entangle address through this integration is the fragmented landscape of data accessibility and cross-chain communication within the web3 ecosystem. Entangle's customizable and interoperable data infrastructure simplifies this complexity by providing secure and reliable interoperability solutions, including unique data feeds, which are vital for the accurate functioning of smart contracts and a native DApp called Liquid Vaults, tailored to resolve liquidity challenges. 

By integrating with Linea, Entangle ensures that DApps can efficiently operate across multiple EVM and non-EVM chains with precise real-time information. This enables them to build advanced products, scale with omnichain liquidity and offer innovative services while users benefits from cheaper transactions, higher yield, simplified process and unlocked variety of possibilities. This integration helps to solve the data isolation, liquidity fragmentation and interoperability challenges, fueling the next wave of growth and adoption in DeFi and beyond.

This infrastructure adoption is no longer just a concept but a fully-fledged and thriving reality with over 200 integrated protocols, and plenty more to come. That is why we’re so excited to be a part of this rapidly growing ecosystem, playing our part in Linea’s fast-tracked path to mass adoption.

What’s next?

As Entangle heads toward its highly anticipated launch in February, we’re building the foundations for the Linea ecosystem, demonstrating the unique value propositions of our customizable and interoperable messaging infrastructure.

With a core focus on integrations and robust testing of products, we’re ensuring our products and tooling are battle-tested to provide the best possible experience for users and dApps within the Linea ecosystem and beyond.

If you’re excited to be a part of our rapidly growing journey and join over 60+ protocols within Entangle’s ecosystem, reach out to the Entangle team via Discord to get assistance with integration or explore other opportunities.

You can also participate in the Entangle Testnet:

About Entangle

Entangle is the first customisable & interoperabie data infrastructure built for Web3 and Institutions. It resolves smart contract communication, liquidity and scalability challenges. Join the unified Web3 Ecosystem with Liquid Vaults DApp, Photon Messaging Protocol, Web2 Connectivity and Custom Price Feeds.

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