$NGL Airdrop

Wen Airdrop?

$NGL Airdrop

Entangle provides a comprehensive suite of fully customizable data and interoperability solutions, providing the core primitives and tools needed to connect anywhere, anytime.

$NGL is at the centre of the entire ecosystem, powering the Entangle Oracle Blockchain to provide data in a secure and transparent manner.

With the upcoming launch of $NGL, Entangle will be hosting a “Launch Airdrop” as its first of multiple airdrop campaigns.

3% of the total supply of $NGL is reserved for airdrops.

The unlock conditions are:

  • Cliff: 3 Months
  • Vesting: 6 Months

Launch Airdrop

The Launch Airdrop has been designed with a strong basis on rewarding early supporters and community of Entangle.

Total percentage of tokens allocated for the Launch Airdrop is 1% (10,000,000 $NGL). 


Entangle’s testnet users will be allocated 1,250,000 $NGL in the Launch Airdrop.

The conditions to be eligible are as follows:

Testnet v1-v3:

- At least 10 transactions in Testnet v1 -v3.
- Participation across all testnet iterations.
- Staked LP in Liquid Vaults on testnet.
- Passed Anti-Sybil check.

Testnet v4:

- Conducted transactions for more than 21 days
- Fully completed Guided Testnet V4; including staking and delegating of testnet $NGL tokens
- Passed Anti-Sybil check


Validator runners on Entangle’s testnet will be allocated 1,500,000 $NGL in the Launch Airdrop.

The criteria is as follows:
- Uptime of 30+ days from snapshot

The airdrop for Validators will be fairly distributed according to the total running uptime of the Validator.


Webverse stakers will be allocated 5,000,000 $NGL total.

This will be distributed in correlation to how much Energy stakers have generated in total. 

Airdrop Whitelist

Members who received the “Airdrop Whitelist” role on Entangle’s discord will be allocated 2,250,000 $NGL total.

This rewards early and ongoing community members of Entangle.

Future Airdrops

The remaining 2% supply of the Airdrop round will be reserved for future airdrops. These have been planned to reward users of Entangle’s products and also ongoing supporters.