Real World Assets: A Rapidly Growing Sector

Learn what unique advantages Entangle adds to RWAs.

Real World Assets: A Rapidly Growing Sector

Tokenized Real World Assets (tRWAs) are reshaping our understanding of asset ownership, trading, and management. With an on-chain presence that speaks volumes, tokenized RWAs have surged to a total value locked (TVL) of $5.6 billion. They now stand as the sixth-largest sector in the digital asset landscape by TVL, and this growth shows no signs of slowing.

Exploring Tokenized RWAs

Tokenized RWAs are digital representations of real-world assets on the blockchain, enabling real-time tracking, trading, and transparent insights into asset values and transactions. Notably, this eliminates the need for the costly intermediaries ubiquitous in traditional finance.

Diverse Categories 

Tokenized RWAs encompass a diverse array of assets, including real estate, treasury bills, equities, commodities, private equity, debt instruments, intellectual property, luxury assets, green energy projects, tokenized funds, and art. While real estate, T-Bills, and equities currently dominate, there is vast potential for expansion into secondary trading of unlisted assets and private markets.

Empowering RWAs- Entangle's Contribution

Enhanced Liquidity: Tokenization amplifies asset liquidity, broadening accessibility through cross-chain transfers and enabling fractional ownership. This inclusionary approach invites a more extensive range of investors, previously deterred by high entry costs, and catalyzes greater market fluidity.

Expedited Settlements: Leveraging smart contracts, tokenization accelerates real-time transaction processing and asset transfers. This swifter settlement process eliminates the prolonged wait times characteristic of traditional finance.

Cost Reduction: The digitization of assets and automation through smart contracts diminishes reliance on intermediaries, resulting in lower transaction fees and reduced administrative overhead. This streamlining of operations not only improves cost-effectiveness but also lowers financial barriers for smaller investors.

Enhanced Risk Management: Tokenized assets introduce heightened transparency and traceability, fortifying risk management and reducing centralized control. The blockchain's immutable nature furnishes a dependable and tamper-resistant transaction history, fostering trust in dispute resolution procedures.

As the burgeoning interest in tokenized assets continues to gain momentum, institutions dealing with them find themselves in a pressing need for secure, scalable, and cost-effective methods to engage in post-trade processing and settlement. While an issuer of tokenized Real-World Assets (tRWA) might possess the capability to initiate the creation and issuance of tokens independently, realizing the full spectrum of advantages, such as heightened liquidity and accessibility, necessitates the fulfillment of specific prerequisites.

Continuous Transmission of Authenticated Real-World Data: The pivotal requirement here is to ensure the accurate and reliable transmission of real-world data to the blockchain and associated smart contracts. This element is paramount in preserving the authenticity not only of tokenized assets but also the foundational assets they represent.

Cross-Chain Interoperability: The facilitation of seamless transfer and trade of tokenized assets across distinct blockchain networks stands as a crucial need. Such interoperability holds the potential to greatly enhance market accessibility, liquidity, and overall integration.

Continuous Updates for Tokenized Real-World Assets: To maintain transparency and audit-readiness, there's a compelling need to consistently update and accurately value tokenized assets, considering the dynamic nature of price changes and market conditions. 

In addition to these requisites, tackling the multifaceted challenges associated with the tokenization of assets encompasses addressing concerns regarding security and scalability, ensuring data authenticity, navigating legacy structures and transition risks, and dealing with regulatory and legal barriers, including the intricacies of composability.

Enter Entangle

Entangle stands as a robust infrastructure solution, equipped with the necessary tools to address the unique requirements of RWA issuers and to surmount the challenges posed by tokenization.

Streamlining T-Bill Issuance On-Chain

One compelling application of Entangle is the transition of Treasury bill (T-bill) issuances to Web3 ecosystems. The below process flow showcases a combination of custom transmitter agents deployed by the issuer and Entangle’s transmitter agents.

Issuers of tokenized Treasury bills often encounter challenges related to the trustworthiness of data collection and verification by third parties. In this context, a robust infrastructure is indispensable, allowing issuers to actively participate in data collection and transfer without depending on private networks for on-chain data transmission. This approach emphasizes the utmost transparency and accuracy, ensuring the clear valuation of assets and auditability.

For example, when tokenizing T-bills, issuers may face regulatory requirements mandating highly accurate, transparent, and customized data collection and authentication processes. Entangle addresses these demands by permitting issuers to establish custom transmitters, alongside the option to select authorized Entangle transmitters. This enables cost-effective data collection while guaranteeing the auditability and transparency of tokenized RWAs.

Entangle's Transmitter Agents possess the versatility to collect data from diverse sources and can be customized according to specific requirements, including signatures, consensus, and stake conditions, when appointed for data transmission tasks. 

Furthermore, developers have the flexibility to incorporate logic into Entangle's universal data feeds in supporting assets. For example, smart contracts can be deployed on the Entangle Blockchain to provide hybrid Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) and Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) price feeds.

Tokenized U.S. Treasuries hold a prominent position in the realm of tokenization efforts. These assets have witnessed a sixfold growth this year, reaching a market value of $666 million. Notably, asset management firm Franklin Templeton emerges as a prominent player in this burgeoning landscape, as evidenced by data from

By enabling efficient data collection, transparency, and auditability, Entangle empowers the tokenization of RWAs and paves the way for increased accessibility and innovation in the digital asset space.

Revolutionizing Payment Systems with Custom Transmitters

The above illustrates how Entangle's infrastructure seamlessly integrates with Traditional Finance (TradFi) payment systems with  transition to blockchain in mind. Through Entangle's cross-chain messaging layer (Photon Messaging), traditional financial institutions can establish connections with any e#Web3 blockchain ecosystem. This newfound flexibility enables institutions to deploy custom transmitter agents or employ a combination of custom and locally sourced transmitter agents alongside Entangle's approved ones.

The multi-party composability and customizability make it now possible to unlock transformative use cases, notably in the realm of digital bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to bridge the substantial gap that exists between traditional finance and the evolving Web3 landscape.

Moreover, conventional cross-border transactions and wire transfers often entail significant delays, taking several days to complete and incurring substantial fees, particularly when facilitated by systems like SWIFT. The integration of Entangle, however, promises a significant reduction in the time required for remittance payments to clear, alongside a substantial decrease in transaction fees.

In the broader context, these developments reflect the maturation of the Web3 ecosystem, where the synergy between Web2 and Web3 systems is crucial. Achieving harmony between liquidity and architectural elements is paramount. Such use cases challenge conventional, siloed narratives, introducing a new paradigm of globalized interoperability between the traditional financial world and the expanding world of Web3.

In summary, Entangle's role in transforming payment systems with custom transmitters marks a pivotal step toward harmonizing traditional finance with the innovative landscape of Web3, with profound implications for the future of global finance.

Empowering Interoperability and Composability of tRWAs with Entangle

Real World Asset Issuers face substantial challenges related to liquidity and composability when exploring the tokenization of assets. Issuing these assets on a single blockchain may lead to isolation within specific communities. However, Entangle's innovative Photon Messaging layer offers a solution by enabling smart contract automation across different blockchain networks. This functionality includes trustless bridging and state acquisition to facilitate simultaneous execution of applications across diverse chains.

The potential of this approach becomes particularly compelling when applied to tRWAs, such as Treasury Bills, employing mechanisms similar to those utilized by Entangle's Liquid Vaults dApp. This allows for the creation of composable Liquidity Sharing Devices (LSDs) based on underlying RWAs.

Consider the scenario of Staked Ethereum (StEth) combined with Staked Treasury Bill LSDs, forming a robust asset base that fuels the development of creative DeFi products. Alternatively, imagine the power of composability applied to on-chain T-Bills, promoting diversification and providing liquidity to options and money market protocols while generating yield from the underlying assets.

Entangle serves as the catalyst for refinancing RWAs, optimizing capital efficiency for users, and fostering liquidity sharing among applications. This is achieved through a combination of customizable data feeds, innovative staking mechanisms for composability, and the robust Photon Messaging layer. All of these components are securely anchored by the Entangle Blockchain, purpose-built to efficiently process, authenticate, and store data while offering a solid foundation for launching custom execution pathways across multiple Web3 ecosystems.

In conclusion, Entangle empowers the interoperability and composability of tokenized RWAs, paving the way for enhanced liquidity and innovative possibilities within the digital asset landscape.

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