Resolving Liquidity #10: FusionX

Resolving Liquidity #10: FusionX

It’s time to fuse a new paradigm of liquidity with our latest partners FusionX.

With Mantle becoming a blockchain titan in the industry, it's only logical for Entangle to join forces with its leading native DEX.

Together we’re delivering unparalleled utility through the unlocking of LP assets, supporting a new era of DeFi.

Entangle Partners With FusionX

FusionX Finance is swiftly carving out its space as the native DEX on the Mantle Network. Beyond just its state-of-the-art tech, it's the shared vision and collective spirit of its community that propels its growth. Among its standout features is its commitment to minimal fees, offering a refreshing alternative to larger rivals and ensuring optimal gas efficiencies for its traders.

Diverse and profitable earning avenues set FusionX ahead of the curve. With stellar APY & APR offerings, users can harness the power of compounding to amplify their returns. The platform also invites enthusiasts to engage with Single Staking Pools, while seasoned DeFi yield farmers can dive into Yield Farms, staking LP tokens for attractive gains. Not to mention, the Liquidity Pools (LPs) create a vibrant ecosystem for trading fees accumulation, catering to even non-mainstream trading pairs.

FusionX isn't just another DeFi protocol; it's an enabler for financial progression. It's crafted to let users maximize their crypto assets, charting innovative growth trajectories. Rooted deeply in decentralization values, FusionX facilitates a community-centric governance.

Liquidity Resolved

By unifying these instruments into our ecosystem, we not only simplify the trading experience for users but also pioneer a new way to leverage FusionX’s assets.

Through the integration of Liquid Vaults, we’re enabling greater capital efficiency for users of FusionX’s liquidity pools and capital retention for FusionX.

An example user-journey is below:

  1. User provides USDC & DAI to FusionX on Mantle
  2. User obtains an LP Token in return from FusionX
  3. User stakes LP Token via Entangle
  4. Entangle stakes & auto-compounds the LP Token on a FusionX Yield-Farm
  5. User is given an LSD in return called a “Liquid Vault” as a receipt

4. The user can collateralize the Liquid Vault for further Lending & Borrowing on Lendle, i.e. deposit Liquid Vaults and borrow USDC in return.

Using the Entangle Oracle Solution, Lendle obtains a TWAP Price-Feed for the LP Token, enabling the secure acceptance of Liquid Vaults as collateral.

About FusionX

FusionX Finance is a Native DeFi ecosystem offering an AMM and a range of innovative financial services on the Mantle Network.

About Entangle

Liquidity Resolved.

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