Resolving Liquidity #14: Astroport

Resolving Liquidity #14: Astroport

Reaching for the stars, we’re setting a new course with our latest partners, Astroport!

Recently launching and attracting $30 million in TVL, Astroport is demonstrating a unique approach to the ever-changing nature of DeFi.

Entangle Meets Astroport

Astroport approaches decentralised finance (DeFi) in an innovative manner, operating as a neutral meeting point for users seeking to exchange their digital assets in a decentralised, trustless manner. Currently attracting a large TVL on exciting chains such as SEI, Astroport looks to revolutionise Decentralised Exchanges.

Central to every DeFi ecosystem is the ability to seamlessly exchange assets, supported by different methods and pivotal tools such as Automated Market Makers (AMMs). Astroport takes this one step further offering liquidity providers (LPs) diverse liquidity pools tailored to meet individual preferences. This ensures flexibility for liquidity providers and empowers users to trade tokens without boundaries.

Astroport offers several features distinguishing it from traditional AMMs:

  1. Multiple AMM Pool Support: Astroport extends flexibility by supporting an array of AMM pool types, catering to the diverse trading strategies and preferences of all LPs.
  2. Advanced User Interface: Its front-end is designed to offer an extremely easy and intuitive interface, whilst facilitating a detailed analytic view of positions.
  3. Dual Token Rewards: Astroport offers a unique value proposition for liquidity pool creators to incentivize LPs. Liquidity providers can gain rewards in both ASTRO tokens and custom token incentives.

With its innovative approach of versatile AMM Mechanics & liquidity incentives, Astroport is positioned to facilitate a cycle of growth and expanding user adoption.

Entangle’s Role

Through collaboration, Entangle seeks to expand the utility of liquidity provider capital (LPs) using its Liquid Vaults. Our goal is not just to enhance capital efficiency for Astroport users and LPs, but also to increase capital retention for Astroport itself.

Users can now simply stake their LP tokens via Entangle for an equivalent composable LSD which they can utilise for further DEFi or infrastructure restaking for rewards. By doing so, Entangle supercharges yield and creates more options for yield bearing assets. All done within a few easy steps!

About Astroport

Astroport is a user-centred DEX allowing for simple, trustless exchanging of assets.

About Entangle

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