Resolving Liquidity #9: Lendle

Resolving Liquidity #9: Lendle

Whether lending a hand or lending assets to our newest partner, Lendle, Entangle is always dedicated to resolve liquidity.

Mantle’s #1 Lending and Borrowing platform has just become even more thrilling.

Entangle Partners With Lendle

Lendle, a decentralized lending protocol, is dedicated to uplifting Liquidity Providers (LPs) across varied ecosystems.

Lendle aims to bring a new level of innovation to the lending and borrowing experience by creating new and exciting features on top of existing lending paradigms.

Among these innovations, the protocol will utilize excess liquidity to enhance competitive APYs for their users in the future,  while simultaneously offering opportunities for stablecoin loans.

Loan rates depend on factors such as pool APR, market volatility, token liquidity, and LTV metrics.

Lendle's Product Suite

Overtime Lendle plans to innovate on the current state of DeFi by:

Excess Liquidity: Lendle seeks to enhance DeFi's capital efficiency by leveraging excess liquidity. By collaborating with v3 pool routers and aggregators, Lendle will focus on reducing the cost of high slippage whilst providing competitive APY’s on the Mantle Network. A proof of concept with the 1Inch router was recently showcased at a hackathon.

Isolated Lending: Lendle's isolated lending will allow for the safe introduction of exotic tokens on the Mantle Network, avoiding bad debt risks for mainstream suppliers and promoting niche "Degen" coins.

Undercollateralized Lending: Building on Gearbox's foundation, Lendle intends to refine and expand undercollateralized lending, integrating it with the V2 layer.

Integrating an improved VeTokenomics-style lock model: This way, Lendle aims to align user interactions and incentivize sticky liquidity.

Becoming Entangled

Liquid Vaults allow any yield-bearing asset to be synthesized for a liquid staked derivative (LSD) with omnichain transferability enabling liquidity optimization and securing infrastructure primitives.

Lendle is initially expanding its product suite on a testnet basis by integrating Liquid Vaults to accept collateral assets, complemented by the provision of TWAP Price-Feeds from Entangle.

In order for Lendle to accept our Liquid Vaults, the Entangle Oracle Solution provides a TWAP Price-Feed for the LP Token, enabling Lendle to securely accept Liquid Vaults as collateral.

Here's a user journey highlight our plan for changing the status quo of LP assets:

1. User provides USDC & DAI to FusionX on Mantle

2. User obtains an LP Token in return from FusionX

3. User stakes LP Token via Entangle

a. Entangle stakes & auto-compounds the LP Token on a FusionX Yield-Farm

b. User is given an LSD in return as a receipt, termed “Liquid Vault”

4. User deposits Liquid Vaults as collateral for further Lending & Borrowing on Lendle

Beyond the Horizon with Lendle & Entangle

In partnering with Entangle, Lendle reinforces its commitment to bring innovation to the lending and borrowing experience. This partnership unveils a novel utility: unlocking latent value for LP assets.

Entangle's Liquid Vaults address liquidity impediments, forging solutions for both end-users and DeFi platforms. This shift in DeFi liquidity governance sparks innovative use-cases like leveraged yield farming and structured DeFi products.

About Lendle

The #1 decentralized, non-custodial lending and borrowing market on Mantle Network.

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