Resolving Liquidity #2: Chainge Finance

Resolving Liquidity #2: Chainge Finance

It’s time to break the chains off because Entangle has just partnered with Chainge Finance!

With a bolstering 70 billion in aggregated liquidity, yes thats billion with a B, Chainge is becoming a behemoth in the DeFi sector

By harnessing the strengths of the Entangle Protocol stack, Chainge Finance is positioned to execute highly capital-efficient Defi strategies, reinforcing our pledge to empower our users.

Entangle Partners With Chainge

Chainge Finance offers an extensive range of tools and functionalities to its users. Recognizing that the existing Defi protocols' UI/UX was hindering wider adoption, the team at Chainge Finance transformed it into a comprehensive hub for all Defi activities. Services such as Spot trading, Futures, Options, Liquidity Provisioning, and more, are all available on the platform. To ensure a seamless omnichain experience, Chainge Finance taps into the cross-chain capabilities of the Fusion network.

But the innovation did not end there. The team at Chainge Finance understood that to reach a broader audience, merely providing a single application for accessing all Defi services wouldn't suffice. Consequently, they developed a mobile application that offers the same array of services, thus reducing the barriers to Defi even further. With access to Defi now at the fingertips of individuals worldwide, they’ve made DeFi and crypto as a whole available to a much wider audience.

This expanded audience provides fertile ground for the Entangle protocol. By integrating the Synthetic Vaults dApp into their platform, Chainge Finance allows users to leverage these newly synthesized LSDs for further on-chain activities within their suite of products. This collaboration results in the creation of highly capital-efficient Defi strategies.

While Chainge Finance currently utilizes Fusion for their cross-chain swaps, the complex smart contract capability is somewhat limited. This is where the Entangle Protocol steps in, providing our proprietary oracle solution - the Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution (EDOS). This solution specializes in sophisticated smart contract logic and smart contract automation on an omnichain level, while also being cost-efficient. With this oracle solution, Chainge Finance can introduce unprecedented services, filling the gap left by the absence of an omnichain oracle infrastructure to leverage.

Moving Forward

Chainge is a dynamic platform that constantly evolves, continually integrating new Defi services. The inclusion of the Synthetic Vaults dApp and the Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution (EDOS) into their protocol has the potential to enhance capital efficiency dramatically and introduce unprecedented omnichain services.

With their strategy of welcoming a fresh demographic of users, and Entangle Protocol's aim to defragment liquidity in the Defi sector, both platforms can contribute significantly towards unifying liquidity and users in the wider Defi landscape.

About Chainge

Chainge Finance offers an extensive suite of services to its users, including Self-custody, Spot Trading, Options, Futures, and more. The platform is designed with a focus on overcoming the UX and UI challenges that currently plague the Web3 space. By developing an intuitive interface and presenting a comprehensive Defi platform, Chainge is providing a frictionless environment for users to engage with Defi smoothly.

Furthermore, with a mobile app that seamlessly integrates their services, Chainge is making it easier for newcomers to navigate the Defi landscape, broadening its appeal to a wider audience.

About Entangle

Entangle is an omnichain dApp designed to collateralize LP assets for additional utility, facilitating persistent liquidity in protocols while optimizing yields for users. The implementation of the Synthetic Vaults dApp is made possible through the Entangle Distributed Oracle Solution (EDOS), a system explicitly designed for omnichain smart contract functionalities.