Road to Mainnet: Polygon

Learn about Entangle's integration with Polygon.

Road to Mainnet: Polygon

Entangle, the fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure layer is thrilled to announce an integration with Polygon PoS, the leading Sidechain that has led the multichain evolution of the crypto space. Renowned for providing the tools that enable seamless integration for Web2 and Web3 primitives across various chains, the Entangle stack expanding to the most widely adopted Ethereum scaling solution marks the start of an innovative journey.

Enhancing Interoperability

For Web3 to develop, interoperability is key and Entangle's Photon Messaging Protocol will be pivotal in enhancing the Polygon ecosystem’s existing interoperability solutions. By leveraging this superior technology, developers can now enjoy streamlined communication across different networks, ensuring efficient data transmission and validation. The incorporation of the Photon Messaging Protocol not only supports cross-chain communication but also facilitates secure and reliable interactions between smart contracts on Polygon PoS and other supported networks.

The Photon Messaging Protocol affords developers the flexibility to craft solutions tailored to industry needs the Polygon ecosystem expands into emerging fields such as RWA and DePIN, with protocols like Libre and GEODNET standing to benefit from the integration. This opens up a world of opportunities for smart contract interoperability and dApp development, fostering a more interconnected and capital efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Optimizing Liquidity with Liquid Vaults

Entangle's native dApp Liquid Vaults allows the creation of Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs) from yield-bearing assets deployed throughout the Polygon ecosystem. By enhancing the composability of yield positions with Liquid Vaults, dApps within the Polygon ecosystem will be able to share liquidity like never before, enabling enhanced ecosystem liquidity and opening up a plethora of new use cases. 

Liquid Vaults not only streamlines the process of liquidity sharing but also increases capital efficiency for users. By way of example, liquidity providers can seamlessly convert their LP positions from any DEX, like the native exchange Quickswap, into CDTs which can then be deployed in other lending protocols to generate additional yield on top of their existing position and provide diverse options for yield strategies.

Access Data across Web2 and Web3 with Universal Data Feeds

Entangle's Universal Data Feeds significantly boost the potential of dApps in the Polygon ecosystem, which leads in melding traditional businesses with web3, showcased by previous integrations by Mastercard, Starbucks, and initiatives by former President Trump involving NFT rewards on its platform. These customizable data feeds enable the Polygon ecosystem to meet the specific demands of various sectors, including tokenization of real world assets (tRWA) and gaming, by integrating Web2 and Web3 data. 

Through Entangle’s technology, dApps and developers can access bespoke, authenticated data feeds from any source, fostering a wide range of applications with flexibility and efficiency in data transportation across chains or beyond the web3 industry. This integration marks a significant step towards diversifying and enhancing the Polygon ecosystem.

With this integration, Entangle and the Polygon ecosystem are united in driving the evolution of blockchain technology, synergising deeply in our shared vision of scalable chains that are fully interoperable. 

Entangle's products will enable Polygon developers to spearhead Web3 infrastructure progress, boost yield-bearing asset utility, and enhance liquidity and data mobility across blockchains. This deployment paves the way for groundbreaking cross-chain innovation and collaboration, laying the foundation for a more interconnected, scalable, and user-friendly blockchain future.