Sei Launch Partner

Sei Launch Partner

Sei Network and Entangle Join Forces

Entangle, the adaptable and interoperable data infrastructure tailored for Web3 and institutional use, is excited to unveil a strategic partnership with Sei Network, a leading Layer-1 Blockchain known for its parallel execution capability, ensuring swift and efficient transactions. This collaboration marks a significant step towards providing universal data interoperability and cross-chain communication within the Sei ecosystem while fostering enhanced capital efficiency.

As Entangle gears up for its much-anticipated launch in February, here’s what sparks our enthusiasm for the collaboration with Sei.

Liquidity Sharing Between DApps

At the core of this partnership lies Entangle's innovative dApp, Liquid Vaults. This integration empowers applications within SEI to share liquidity, enabling liquidity providers (LP) to refinance their assets or enhance yields through staking across a broader spectrum of DEFi applications.

Entangle's Liquid Vault not only optimizes the utility of yield assets but also facilitates seamless liquidity enhancement throughout the Sei ecosystem. By expanding the potential use cases for yield assets, it significantly bolsters liquidity retention for DeFi protocols while augmenting capital efficiency, providing users with enhanced opportunities to leverage their assets effectively. Additionally, this integration opens new liquidity avenues for various DEFi applications like money markets and options protocol.

Advancing Interoperability

Entangle introduces the Photon Messaging Layer to facilitate secure and customizable cross-chain communication for Sei DApps across diverse blockchain networks. This innovative architecture consists of a network of smart contracts, a specialized blockchain for data validation, and customizable transmitter agents to facilitate cross-chain communication and data flow.

The solution provided by Entangle empowers DApps to choose consensus parameters, the number of transmitter agents deployed, collateral levels whilst enabling developers to host their own custom transmitters for data provisioning. By ensuring a secure and flexible foundation, Entangle strikes an ideal balance between security, decentralization, and cost-effectiveness.

This partnership sets the stage for the development of interoperable applications and operational flexibility, ranging from cross-chain DEXs and DAOs to dynamic NFTs, cross-chain wagering, trustless bridging, and smart contract automation.

Universal and Customizable Data

Entangle further enriches Sei's ecosystem by providing the capability for DApps and developers to compose and receive tailored data feeds to suit their specific requirements. For instance, within Liquid Vaults, Entangle supports yield asset composability, enabling a hybrid TWAP/VWAP price feed to ensure robust pricing mechanics and security for money market protocols.

These tailored feeds offer comprehensive and adaptable data or serve as supplements to the Photon Messaging Layer, unlocking a wide array of applications for Sei. These applications include but are not limited to interoperable real-world assets, on-chain invoice financing, or real estate asset tokenization.

Visionary Outlook

Sei stands out as the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, designed for scalability within the industry. Its parallel execution feature enhances network efficiency by handling multiple transactions simultaneously, leading to improved scalability and throughput. This results in an ecosystem characterized by low fees, rapid transaction finality, and a familiar EVM environment, making it an ideal platform for developers.

With Entangle’s integration delivering substantial value in liquidity optimization, interoperability, and scalability, Sei is poised to solidify its position as the preferred destination for scalable Web3 applications and use cases.