Testnet V3 Is Live

Testnet V3 Is Live

The eagerly awaited Community Validators for Entangle Blockchain have officially launched. If you've ever aspired to be at the forefront of securing a network, the moment to step up is now.

The Role of Validators

Entangle Validators play an indispensable role in the ecosystem, serving as the stalwarts of the network. They are responsible for:

  1. Storing transaction data and history.
  2. Proposing, voting on, and reaching a consensus on new blocks.

In essence, Validators are the sentinels of the Entangle Blockchain.

Entangle's Technology

Built upon the robust framework of Cosmos SDK & Ethermint, the Entangle Blockchain boasts of EVM compatibility. It leverages the Tendermint Consensus Algorithm, renowned for its robustness, ensuring super-fast block confirmations of around just one second.

Voting Power Dynamics

The power a Validator wields in proposing and approving blocks is influenced by two primary factors:

  1. Amount of staked $NGL tokens.
  2. The $NGL delegated to the Validator.

Achieving Consensus

For the Entangle network, the consensus process is a three-step dance:

  1. A Validator proposes a block.
  2. A pre-vote requires an agreement from 2/3 of Validators by voting power.
  3. Following that, a pre-commit again mandates 2/3 agreement for progression.

This tripartite method is pivotal in ensuring network consensus.

Slashing Conditions

Validators are kept in check with stringent slashing conditions:

  1. Validators are required to sign at least 50% of the last 100 blocks.
  2. Falling short of this? A 1% token slashing ensues with a 10-minute "jail" timeout.
  3. Engaging in double-signing attracts a steeper penalty - a 5% slashing.

Gas Fees and Validators

While gas fees oscillate based on network congestion, it's noteworthy that these fees are channeled to our assiduous Validators, compensating them for their pivotal role.

Entangle’s Oracle & Blockchain Synergy

Entangle's blockchain acts as a repository for Oracle data. This Oracle, in turn, relies heavily on the aggregated data from Keepers. This intricate interdependence is fundamental to driving the entire Entangle ecosystem.

Becoming a Validator

For enthusiasts looking to become a Validator:

  1. Set up your machine.
  2. Download the latest Entangle Blockchain snapshot.
  3. Secure $NGL tokens.
  4. Kickstart the Validator.

For those aiming for more voting power, it's beneficial to amass more $NGL tokens. Detailed guidelines for the entire process can be accessed here.

As the Entangle Protocol team expresses their gratitude towards every contributor to Entangle's decentralization, the collective ambition is clear: to collaboratively build something extraordinary.