Road to Mainnet: Mantle

Learn about Entangle's integration with Mantle.

Road to Mainnet: Mantle

Entangle, the fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Mantle. Mantle and Entangle’s partnership will ensure that Mantle’s roadmap focused on scalability and security can be realized.

Entangle’s suite of messaging, oracle and liquidity services provide the tools that allows Mantle’s robust ecosystem of gaming and DeFi builders to flourish, as well as supporting the onboarding of the businesses that value the security and speed offered by Mantle’s Layer 2 blockchain.

Superior Interoperability

Entangle introduces the Photon Messaging Protocol, expanding on Mantle's upcoming interoperability solutions with Ethereum and supercharging Mantle’s capabilities. Whether it’s to provide reliable pricing for the mETH you have deployed in DeFi, or when sourcing Web2 data such as Treasury Bill pricing for tokenized Real World Assets (RWA), Photon Messaging Protocol ensures that data is communicated to the respective dApps when they need it.The customizability of Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol ensures that builders are able to create novel products and expand on the existing utility they are bringing to Mantle. Incorporating data feeds from just about any Web3 and Web2 source imaginable, as well as being able to tailor the frequency and methods of data requests, allows developers to create the products that industries require as Mantle scales into fields like RWA, Staking Protocols and AI. Nascent tech industries such as blockchain and the Internet of Things will also benefit from the universal composability that these message feeds by Entangle can provide.

With this integration, protocols on Mantle can now benefit from a secure, decentralized, and cost-effective launchpad for smart contract automation and cross-chain communication.

Liquidity Sharing Between DApps

Another pillar of this collaboration is Entangle's innovative dApp, Liquid Vaults. This collaboration creates Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs) on any yield bearing assets within Mantle Ecosystem, allowing for protocols to share liquidity and enabling liquidity providers to explore refinancing opportunities that can enhance the yield on their staked assets from across a wide array of DeFi applications, both on Mantle and the wider crypto ecosystem. 

By way of example, one’s LP position on Merchant Moe could be converted into a CDT with Liquid Vaults then used to farm points on INIT Capital, with the holder not only earning on their underlying LP position but also earning on their lent assets. Thanks to the omnichain nature of Entangle’s derivatives, they would also be able to access DeFi applications on any other supported network, allowing users to find the best returns across the entire crypto space to boost yields.

Liquid Vaults by Entangle not only optimizes yield assets, but also promotes efficient liquidity sharing throughout Mantle Ecosystem and beyond. This expands the potential for yield assets, supporting liquidity retention in DeFi protocols and improving capital efficiency.

Universal and Customizable Data

Entangle's Blockchain technology is seen as a way to simplify many financial processes, as well as the novel use cases emerging from the Web3 arena – such as buying and selling real estate, applying for and receiving a loan, or holding stocks and bonds. Mantle is already home to innovative Ondo Finance, a leader in tokenized financial products such as the $USDY bearer note backed by short term US Treasuries and bank demand deposits. The tokenization of traditional financial products and real world assets is only set to accelerate with greater adoption. Now teams like Ondo’s will be able to benefit from the highly customizable data feeds powered by Entangle to develop even more products that capitalize on the emergent fields of RWA, DePin, AI and many more. 

By integrating Entangle’s services, dApps and developers can create and receive custom data feeds, fitting the specific legal, regulatory and financial requirements of their products and markets. This unlocks a diverse variety of applications within Mantle Ecosystem, from interoperable real-world assets to on-chain gaming.

The Entangle Universal Data Feeds will give Mantle native protocols like TsunamiX the tools needed to branch out with new financial products built on their existing gamified DeFi offerings, enabling the creation of omnichain primitives that are ready for the next phases of the blockchain industry’s development. With this partnership, the entire Mantle Ecosystem is poised to reap the benefits of truly customizable data feeds and the composability that comes with being able to source information across any supported network.


Mantle Network distinguishes itself as a highly scalable Layer 2 blockchain, ideal for the burgeoning demands of both Web2 and Web3 industries. Its Optimistic Rollup architecture ensures the security derived from the Ethereum network is integral to Mantle Ecosystem, while users also benefit from the low fees and scalability. This is paramount to many companies looking to blockchain to solve modern technological challenges, and explains why many Developers in Web3 value Mantle, and its familiar EVM environment, which is conducive for developer innovation. 

DeFi and the blockchain industry is rapidly evolving into a unified, interoperable ecosystem where liquidity and authenticated data can seamlessly flow across chains. The partnership between Entangle and Mantle represents a significant step forward in this journey, enriching the utility of yield-bearing assets and enhancing the interoperability of the blockchain and all applications. This enhancement, in turn, amplifies liquidity and yield opportunities,  composability and customizability of products as we move towards making omnichain easy.