Road to Mainnet: MultiversX

Learn about Entangle's integration with MultiversX.

Road to Mainnet: MultiversX

Entangle, the fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure layer that allows any Web2 and Web3 primitive to become omnichain, is thrilled to announce a strategic integration with MultiversX, the internet-scale blockchain powering next-gen applications. This integration marks a watershed moment for developers on MultiversX looking to leverage Entangle’s seamless cross-chain communication and enhanced capital efficiency across the DeFi ecosystem..

Entangle’s suite of messaging, oracle and liquidity services provide the tools that can be integrated into DeFi, RWA, on-chain gaming dApps and many more use cases that are emerging in the MultiversX network thanks to its low fees and secure environment, without compromising on the fast transaction speeds that are the hallmark of the MulitversX Blockchain.

Superior Interoperability

Entangle, renowned for its customizable and interoperable data infrastructure solutions, stands at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain space. Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol will serve to underpin the upcoming developments in the MultiversX network, as well as being available to any builder contributing to the MultiversX ecosystem. This development significantly boosts MultiversX’s functionality thanks to its high customizability, developers are empowered to innovate and extend their current offerings on MultiversX, allowing connectivity to any Web3 ecosystem.  It further allows the inclusion of dApps from other ecosystems, where instances can be set up on MultiversX for users on the network. 

For Web3 to develop, interoperability is key and the photon messaging layer provides the flexibility to craft solutions tailored to industry needs as MultiversX expands into areas such as cross-chain gaming or liquid restaking Protocols. Emerging sectors like IoT, DePIN and other consumer applications will also benefit from the wide-ranging interoperability of this base solution. 

This integration grants MultiversX protocols a secure, decentralized, and efficient foundation for smart contract automation, interoperability and cross-chain communication, fostering a more interconnected and composable blockchain ecosystem.

Liquidity Sharing Between DApps

A key aspect of this collaboration is Entangle's pioneering dApp, Liquid Vaults. This joint effort introduces Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs) on yield-generating assets within the MultiversX Ecosystem. It facilitates liquidity sharing among protocols and offers liquidity providers new refinancing avenues to enhance yields on staked assets across a broad spectrum of DeFi applications, both within MultiversX and the larger crypto space.

Entangle's Liquid Vaults not only optimize yield-generating assets but also promote efficient liquidity distribution across the MultiversX Ecosystem and beyond. This broadens the scope for yield assets, aiding in liquidity retention in DeFi protocols and enhancing capital utilization.

Liquid Vaults also comes with extendable applications for fun and interactive games, such as yield lottery systems or to be utilized in other areas of the web3 such as collateral for online gaming or gameFi. The enabling of composability for yield assets across the ecosystem opens up the door for optimized liquidity and efficient economics to ensure the zero-sum game of liquidity does not intensify at various aspects of market cycles or where one protocol dominates others!

Universal and Customizable Data

Entangle's blockchain technology streamlines various financial processes and supports emerging Web3 applications – from real-estate transactions to loan applications, and holding stocks and bonds. MultiversX already hosts the innovative Hatom Protocol, a first-of-its-kind institutional-grade, permissionless, and composable DeFi liquidity hub with a wide range of financial applications. The momentum for tokenizing traditional financial products and real-world assets is expected to surge with wider adoption. Teams like Hatom’s canwill benefit immensely from Entangle's versatile data feeds, fostering development in burgeoning areas like RWA, DePin, AI, and more.

Integrating Entangle’s services enables dApps and developers to generate and receive tailor-made authenticated data feeds from any source, unlocking a plethora of use cases and allowing developers full customizability and cost efficiency when querying data across any chain or outside of the Web3 realm.  This integration paves the way for a diverse array of applications within the MultiversX Ecosystem, ranging from interoperable real-world assets to on-chain gaming.

Entangle Universal Data Feeds will equip native MultiversX protocols like Ofero Network with the necessary tools to diversify into new financial products based on their existing DeFi services. This integration, in conjunction with Photon Messaging, facilitates the creation of omnichain primitives, setting the stage for the next evolutionary phase in blockchain industry development. With the launch on MultiversX, the entire ecosystem stands to gain from truly customizable data feeds and the extensive interoperability that comes with sourcing information across any supported network.


MultiversX, a frontrunner in L1 technology, provides an ideal platform for building on the new age of financial applications, catering to the growing needs of both Web2 and Web3 sectors. Its architecture ensures robust security, inherited from the diverse validator set, integral to the MultiversX Ecosystem, where users also benefit from reduced fees and enhanced scalability. This is crucial for companies turning to blockchain to address contemporary technological challenges and underscores why many Web3 developers value MultiversX's familiar environment, which fosters innovative development.

The blockchain and DeFi industries are evolving into a cohesive, interoperable ecosystem where liquidity and authenticated data can fluidly move across chains. The synergy between Entangle and MultiversX marks a significant advancement in this evolution, enriching the functionality of yield-bearing assets and improving blockchain interoperability. This progress, in turn, boosts liquidity and yield opportunities, as well as the composability and customizability of products as the industry progresses towards a more streamlined omnichain future.